Mini Bus ‘Ride’.

Driving around aimlessly for some cheap fuck, Kei was smoking while on the wheels, eyes scanning at the rows of girls who were waiting for their customers. Along the way, he picked up a pack of contraband cigarettes from a roadside stall, before parking his mini bus outside one of the private estate in the area. Still puffing away on his cigarette, his chair was lowered to rest his back after a long day of work.

In less than a minute, a knock came from his window and he unwind it, giving the blonde haired girl a chance to get business.

Girl: ‘先生,您要吗? ‘
Translate: Sir, do you want it?

Kei: ‘多少?’
Translate: How much?

Girl: ‘价钱我们等下再谈。’
Translate: We can discuss about the price later.

He was aware that it could be a rip off attempt with a few of her friends waiting by, but there was clearly no one around his vehicle and as long as he did not start anything, they couldn’t do anything to him too. Unlocking his passenger door, he let her in and watched her short skirt lift up high enough to give him a peek of her leopard panties.

They sat at their seats while she introduced herself as Kinder, like ‘Kinder Surprise’. She had just arrived in Singapore from China and did not have much money, so she stayed with the other sex workers but did not join any OKTs (a term used for pimps). Kei had felt safer from her story and did not mind engaging in her service, since he was looking as well. After a while of talking, they moved to the back of the bus and he let down the curtains, while adjusting the seats to make a bed out of them.

Sitting in the middle, Kinder took off her skirt easily and helped him get his pants off. She then made herself comfortable between his legs and took his dick in her hands, stroking it carefully not to hurt him. Kei could tell she wasn’t that experienced, and that innocent sensation was turning him even more. Perhaps it was just a show she put up, but the objective was clearly met. As she worriedly lowered her head over his groin, Kei’s hand had went to push her down, gently but eager.

Kinder did not waste anymore time and took his rod in, licking in an upward motion along his shaft. A few strokes later, her lips sealed in her saliva and the untrained mouth went slurping up and down. Kei had never felt such youth in him despite the few times he had gone for prostitutes, it was Kinder that brought his soft side out and never could he felt any younger. A few moments of sucking later, he took her hand and placed it on her panties, urging her to masturbate in preparation for sex.

Kei wasn’t exactly slim and fit as he wished he was, but the discipline to not masturbate had trapped his sperms long enough. He was going to make sure that this money would be well spent. Once Kinder showed a little signs of tiredness, he took over control and placed his feet together, patting on his lap for her to sit on.

She climbed on top of him and held onto his shoulders for balance, while he pointed his dick upright for her. The same doubtful look appeared on her face again as she felt her pussy being spread by him.

Kinder: ‘您知道吗?我的第一次也是这样发生的。’
Translate: You know, this is how I lost first time too.

His dick finally completed penetrating her pussy and a sudden wake up call came to his mind. Condoms! He awkwardly reached into his dashboard with her on top and she understood immediately. Placing the rubber ring around his tip, she sat over it again, and rolled it as his dick entered. What a way to put a condom on.

As soon as the protection was in place, she laid on his chest and pulled her spaghetti top down, letting him suck on her nipples while she rode him. The sturdy bus did not bounce like other four-wheeled vehicles, and he was enjoying his paid sex. The girl was eager to please and she bounced on him wildly, reminiscing the old times with this stranger she had approached. His dick grew bigger in her and she moaned louder in pleasure.

The first orgasm made her hug him tightly as her pussy tightened, with Kei making small thrusts upwards into her. After she recovered, Kei got her to bend over the seats and went behind her, jamming his cock in. He held her slim waist lightly and began thrusting his hips, just his hips. The rest of his body was motionless and the workout went smoothly without any loud slapping sounds. Kinder was very much smothered by the familiar experience and was jerking her body backwards as he rammed, sinking him deeper.

The monstrous side began taking over and he packed her hair into a ponytail, holding her body higher by her shoulders. Her boobs were in his hands when he could reach it, and the rolling of her nipples just made her hornier. The scene outside the bus was tranquil, but the action was steaming up the interior slightly. After a long, pleasurable session of doggie, Kei soon felt the money-shot coming and slowed himself down.

Kinder: ‘要射了?’
Translate: Shooting?

Kei: ‘嗯。’
Translate: Yea.

She stopped his thrusting with her hand and turned herself around, sitting on the same area where she gave him his blowjob. The condom was unrolled carefully and this time, she sat on the floor, with her legs crossed. Kinder began fingering herself while sucking him off, placing his hands voluntarily behind her head. Kei took no chance and thrusted his dick at her face, shoving it deep down her throat. The girl fingered herself faster as the frequency of her choking increased, until Kei whispered that he was cumming.

She pushed him back down on the chair and took over the oral sex, slurping much slower but in longer strokes. In just five laps, his hands went to her head again and held her down, with a mild shiver going through his body. His load filled up her mouth nicely and she got her butt on the seat just as he was done. Her fingers were still moving at her pussy, and Kei went next to her, turning her face to look at his load.

She showed him her reward with a smile and swallowed everything, taking his hand and putting it at her pussy at the same time.

Kinder: ‘可以帮帮我吗?’
Translate: Can you help me out?

His fingers went right in all the way and a yelp came from her. Sitting opposite her, he rammed his fingers so deep that a painful squeeze came down on his hand after just three minutes. The girl held his hand in place until the stream of juices stopped leaking, and panted heavily after she was done.

They took a long time cleaning up in their exhausted state and he took his wallet out, opening the wads of S$50 in her face. Three of it came out and he placed it in her hands. But an expression of hope and willingness came to confuse him.

Kei: ‘太少?’
Translate: Too little?

Kinder: ‘不不。很多了。但是•• 您会再找我吗?’
Translate: No no. It’s a lot. But will you find me again?

Kei: ‘会的。’
Translate: Yes I will.

Kinder: ‘我可以跟你过一晚吗?’
Translate: Can I spend the night with you?

Kei: ‘对不起,我可能付不起。’
Translate: Sorry, but I don’t think I can afford it.

Kinder: ‘我今晚想跟你,不必付钱。’
Translate: I want to spend the night with you, no payments.

The two of them spoke for a long time in the bus until he got too tired. Filled with pity for her, he drove her home and let her spend the night, filled with grateful sex that he couldn’t get enough of. While many of us know that prostitutes were sly foxes whose goal is money, she did not disappoint him by doing his chores the next day. Since he had a slightly higher income from his mediocre job, he kept her around for at least two months. And was convinced that she purely wanted a better life through other means than to work in the sex industry.

Since then, she had never left his sight, working in his mini bus business, ferrying people and living out his sex dreams anywhere and anytime he wanted. For someone his age, her appearance had fulfilled his hope of getting a wife, who could meet his every needs. Just imagine having raw, hot sex at every break time your own mini bus, banging your girl wildly in the privacy, no matter at high noon or late nights.

Dry Humping.

As Ben opened the store’s shutter for the day, Charmaine walked in first and went into the storeroom, where an allocated cupboard was to store her belongings. Ben entered later but did not go to her side, wrapping his arms around her waist naughtily.

Ben: ‘We came work so early for this right?’

Charmaine: ‘Tsk! Not here. There’s CCTV here.’

Ben: ‘No one is looking at it!’

Charmaine: ‘Changing room, changing room.’

He had no choice but to let her leave the room while he placed his bag down. Joining Charmaine in a while, he spotted the bra that hung from the door and a pair of panties on the floor. Instead of him being turned on, it was Charmaine who pulled Ben by the collar for the long kiss, placing his hands eagerly on her bare chest through her clothes. Ben had no qualm about fondling his girl’s body and quickly placed one hand on her crotch, grabbing it tightly into his palm.

Charmaine’s lips were all over his face as he remained distracted with her pussy and breasts. Things were getting so out of control that she has wished they could just fuck right in the shop. The footsteps outside the transparent shutter was a little scary, but that was what turned her on even more. She turned herself to let him hug her from behind, starting a little butt grind at his bulge to tease him.

Ben was in pain from the tension in his pants, plus, the rubbing of her butt did not help at all. There was no chance for him to unzip since she had been on him throughout, still grooving up and down. Never had Ben expected to feel a familiar handjob from that dry humping. It had been his own hand and he wouldn’t realise it.

The combination of strength, tightness was perfect and he could only toy with her nipples from the back. Charmaine knew what she was doing and continued without saying anything, occasionally turning her head to kiss Ben.

Suddenly, a loud groan came from behind Charmaine and Ben bent down onto the floor. She had expected this to happen, for him to jizz in his pants. And it was certainly cute to watch the man of her dreams fall at her doings.

Ben: ‘You just made me cum in my pants! It feels so nice.. But dirty.’

Charmaine: ‘This is for you k? You cannot change out until after work!’

They went on to open the store late and resumed work per normal, often touching each other when no one was watching. Charmaine did get her orgasms though, after the shop closes and they spent a short ten minutes in the changing room. It was Ben’s turn to drive her crazy with his dick, fingers and tongue.

Dressed Fun.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

It was almost 2am when Mavis decided to call me, giving a perfect finish to the story I just wrote. We met at the coffee shop near her place and there she was, standing and looking aimlessly waiting for my arrival. The cosy stone seats under her void deck had people sleeping on them and we proceeded to a brightly lit stairwell just two floors above another block. She had a cardigan over her floral flare dress and couldn’t looked anymore seductive, especially with that petite frame of hers good for cuddling. I knew it would not take long before something happened.

The 156cm tall girl had just returned home an hour ago and needed some food. So I was invited to join her while she slurped hungrily away on the cup noodles. Her casual sitting position had totally given her glamorous state away and I just stared at the smooth silk panties while she feasted. After the noodles were done, the cup of hot soup went down her throat and I began making my move.

My hand went under her dress and stroked along her protruding cameltoe, as muffled moans came to tell me to wait till she was done. She just couldn’t finish her food in that state and placed it down, at the same time leaning comfortably into the corner of the step she sat. Her hands rested on her raised knees, and had her eyes closed enjoying my gentle touches. Knowing how much she loved to be licked, I went down a step and opened her legs wider, while she pulled her panties to a side for me. My tongue went to work immediately and the opening ceremony of a hard suck at her clit almost caused her to slap my head.

I did not keep her in torment by quickly lapping at her clit, bringing the tip of my tongue up and down that moist slit. The amount of juices leaking was increasing by the minute and she simply tasted good enough for me to slurp it all down. I kept working up and down her pussy as her body arched to my teasing, to a point she couldn’t take it anymore. Going directly down on her wasn’t exactly giving her all the attention, not when I had missed an area that she wouldn’t mind me touching.

Her shoulder straps were lowered to her black bra and the cups went down slightly towards her waist. As much as I wanted to just suckle on her tits, I knew there has to be more than that. I trailed my five fingertips together, gathering them at the areola, stopping before I touched that sensitive tip. I did that for both her breasts, tickling her at the same time causing a little more desire to burn fiercer. Finally, I gave in to the yearning look on her face and planted my lips over one side, sucking lightly before my mouth opened to let my tongue flicked across.

The occasional bumps my teeth gave had turned her on even more by mixing a little hardiness with her soft peaks, moaning growing louder as I continued. The physical response she gave off definitely kept me up and going. I couldn’t get enough of the uncontrollable reaction she had to my mouth. It was just instinctive to keep going until her body went into a shiver that she whispered an orgasm almost came. If only I had kept going..

After both her boobs were covered in my saliva, I adjusted her bra and dress straps back in position, changing to sit behind her with her thighs spread. Both my hands went to her groin and peeled those pink, wet, lips apart, exposing it to the cool air. Mavis leaned on my body with her head on my shoulder, and waited for the next move. How could I keep this girl waiting anymore right?

Very lightly, I touched her clit and pulled my hand away, doing it a few times until she grabbed my wrist to keep it still. It was just so thrilling to push her limits that bit further, to know she loved that I just did. Rubbing her clit slowly, I was fighting hard not to speed up, cause that would be exactly what she wanted. Something in me needed to hear how much she wanted it. I just kept brushing my nails along her clit, for a good couple of minutes.

Mavis (whispering): ‘Stop teasing me anymore.. I want to climax.. ‘

Me (whispering): ‘It took you so long huh.’

I pressed harder onto her clit and circled them faster, not stopping or slowing down at all. Her legs opened and clamped involuntarily at my speed and the muscles in her body was tensing steadily. Before I got tired, she abruptly sat up and held my hand still, as a small wave of pleasure shook her up. While it looked more like she had peed, a similar amount of liquid had exited her pussy to wet my fingers. And halfway into her innocent-looking orgasm, I overpowered her grip on my hand and poked my way an inch into her, thrusting just at her opening that made her weak.

Mavis (whispering): ‘Oh god.. you’re driving me crazy!’

She used the handrails to pull herself just high enough above my lap, and I hastily positioned my dick out of my shorts at her. Sitting back down on my thighs, I held her waist to help her sit down slowly, so no pain would spoil the fun. It didn’t took us long before we realised it was difficult to be fucking in that position, so she stood up again with me inside, and used the railings to support our standing doggie. I had to half-squat while I began pumping my dick into her, and the moans she made was getting more desperate too.

I pulled her hips at me and rammed the breath out of her, watching one of her hands dive between her legs to massage her clit. The next orgasm came much faster and the vacuum in her resulted in an unwanted pause, for my dick was just too overwhelmed by sensitivity to keep moving. As soon as her contractions disappeared, I continued shoving my cock into her, dripping juices onto the concrete floor.

Still a long way from cumming, her legs were giving way and we had to stop before she fell. Mavis took her seat and I stood with my feet apart, on the same steps she was on. Her hand came to hold my dick at her mouth and the scenic view of a disappearing act came on. Her jerking hand and thrusting mouth totally blew my senses off balance and I grabbed onto the handrail tightly for support.

A determination to get me to cum was shining so brightly in her eyes, as she watched how I lost myself to her. It was pure ego to see someone falling prey to her set of skills that she just kept going without giving a chance for me to calm down. It was too late when I felt my balls gathering energy, hinting at the last lap we were at for the night.

Her mouth went deeper down on me and her hands went around my waist, using that bit of recoil to give me a taste of her deep throat. In just two minutes after she went at full speed, I exclaimed unwillingly at the urge to cum and she stopped her lips just under the ‘hood’, letting her hand take over the shotgun barrel. A few more strokes along my raw shaft and the warm spoonful of proteins left the station. It had fired so hard onto her tongue that coincidentally made its way to my pee hole, swirling and sucking my life away.

Before my knees went weak as well, she had made another long trip down my shaft to clean me up and only then I collapsed ungentlemanly onto my bum by her side. Her hand came to my shrinking meat and massaged it, while showing me the cum that her mouth was playing with. She picked up the cold soup above her and drank it down, licking her lips when she was done with it.

Me: ‘You are really good at it.’

Mavis: ‘I know. And you’re good too, in a way you remembered that emotions and the mind games appealed more to girls than just sex.’

Me: ‘What did I do? I thought you said that for my stories.’

Mavis: ‘When you were sucking and licking? It made me felt like a pampered princess.’

She left my dick to hide into my shorts and packed the cup noodles into one neat disposal package. We rested for a few minutes and then made our way home, this time more energetic than before her supper.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Fictional Fact.

Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Thanks for your comment. I seriously have no idea what to do now. How I wish I have someone to talk to right here.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘I get what you mean. It’s often the people who aren’t too close that we can safely share our secrets with.’
Asumi (Whatsapp): ‘Any chance you are free to meet now?’

With that, I finished up my work and closed the bar, thoughts running through my mind on how to console this heartbroken lady without causing more damage. Being someone who had been through similar experience, I understood how she felt, especially the confusion about why would someone hurt her when she merely wanted to live normally. That blog she wrote her stories on, was just a therapy for her to balance her life, and desires.

We met at a nearby coffee shop where the night had just started, a place where men gather to spot those working ladies dressed to lure hungry wolves. As a friend, I knew the beers she gorged down served as a way to momentarily take those pain away, but more importantly, I had to find a way to let her sleep tonight. The ringing struggle between comprehension and misjudgement would definitely take its toll on anyone sane, and Asumi was a lady I wanted to help.

The long conversations recounting that night went on past midnight, until she got too drunk, sobbing in the presence of looking crowd. Although I had no plans that night, getting laid was the last thing on my mind. The lack of intention to head home soon led me to check her into a hotel, letting her hide under the blankets and crying her heart out.

For someone who had initially wanted to comfort her, I ended up falling asleep on the comfy bed and the loud splashing in the shower room woke me up. A little relieve came when I saw her feeling well enough to wash up, and I continued lying on the bed, keeping watch at the translucent doors her body was moving behind.

Finally, she appeared in just a towel and plopped next to me, hugging my arm between her boobs.

Asumi: ‘Thanks for listening tonight. I guess there’s no point getting affected by it while you spend your time with me, caring to listen and try to comfort me.’
Me: ‘It’s the least I can do. I don’t know you well enough to hurt you like they did.’

She planted a kiss on my cheeks and I wrapped my hand around her shoulders, pulling her closer to my warm body. Her hand went into the blanket at my waist and felt my shorts still on, so she lightly circled her palm over it.

Asumi: ‘Why is it still on?’
Me: ‘You should just sleep and try to feel better. I don’t think it’s the right time to have sex.’
Asumi: ‘And if I say you can help me feel better by removing your shorts?’
Me: ‘Then I’ll do it.’

Her small hand lowered my shorts enough to expose my raw stick and a pat on my chest signalled to me that it was all she needed. Those long, thin fingers went around my dick and started stroking it, in such a gentle manner as though she was petting a kitten.

As a guy, I did not attempt to move and simply let her did what she wanted, until it was fully erected and throbbing wildly in her hand. The blanket was then lifted aside to give her access to my groin, and she shifted her body between my legs.

Me: ‘Are you sure you’re alright with it?’
Asumi: ‘Since no one can make me happy, why don’t I make someone happy right? At least I still feel wanted.’
Me: ‘But you know that’s not true, you will always be wanted.. ‘

Just as I completed my sentence, her mouth went down on me and she started off with a fast-paced blowjob, coating my dick with her saliva and shoving her head down. The contrasting ambient did surprise me but her dedication to sucking me off was so focused. I could only hang onto the spare pillows and groaned as she vacuumed my rod.

Her lips kept moving across the shaft without hesitation nor pauses, totally submitting herself to please me. It was only ten minutes later the girl cracked her jaws accidentally that got me to realise such a long time had past. Asumi kept her eyes on me when her mouth left the tip, and went over my hips, sitting down on that standing pole. The first thing that melted me was the unintentional rubbing of her slit on my shaft, giving me a feel of that softness without being penetrated.

She had certainly noticed the expression on my face and moved a few more times before raising her body high enough. A easy push of my tip under her pussy enabled her to sit slowly down my rod. Two short groans came from her mouth as she peered at our genitals, still midway connecting. A small lax in her thighs shoved my dick into her and she held onto my shoulders while the initial pain went away.

As soon as she felt better, her body began moving on its own and she did not even allowed me to suck on that pair of full breasts. Throughout the cowgirl ride, she had changed to squatting, grinding and the back-forth rocking of her hips. It was so intense beyond my powers that I loved being led in her pace. The muscles in her pussy was squeezing me so hard that I couldn’t last long too. I totally had lost it when she kept grinding me, pushing my dickhead to its limit.

The ecstatic look on her face when she climaxed was so mesmerising, in a way that she was letting herself go completely without restraints. The waves of pleasure was all she could use to forget the pain in her heart. And the continuous movements just kept her orgasm lasting for as long as she wanted.

Me: ‘Asumi, I really.. can’t take it anymore.. ‘
Asumi: ‘Just shoot inside me. I don’t care.’
Me: ‘Fuck no.. It’s not right!’

I flipped her dangerously to the side of the bed and pinned her arms with one hand above her head, while jerking myself off between her legs. In less than a minute, the thick glob of cum splattered over her stomach and she broke herself free, rubbing the life-giving fluid around her pussy. A futile attempt to guide my dick back into her resulted in me stepping away from her, and forcing her to lie still beside me.

I could only hugged her so tightly that she couldn’t move and before I knew it, soft cries were coming from her. The girl’s face was stained with tears and I just held her in that position, pecking on her forehead until she had fallen asleep.

Very stealthily, I went back to my bed space and laid facing her, holding myself back from kissing that beautiful, worn out face.

Asumi (whispering): ‘Thank you.. ‘
Me (whispering): ‘Shhh.. goodnight.’

And the room went dark with a flick of the switch above my head.

3 (more) Things Men should know about Women.

While men and women are from two different planets, the only common factor is the molecular structure of our physical bodies. Given that most of us are not in the human research sector, our knowledge about the opposite sex comes mostly from social interaction – and porn.

Speaking from a guy’s point of view, the complexity of women are beyond the many types of ’emotions’ as we can name. Anger, sadness, bliss, happiness, euphoria, are all processed differently. To most men, the common misunderstanding seem to be ‘if you can understand a woman, you can get her to do anything’. That is only true if you can fulfil the first part of the sentence.

Picture a Rubik’s cube that has pretty LED lights. Then imagine the LEDs coming to life and changes to 27 different colours. Yupp. You’ll say the words, ‘fuck it’ pretty soon.

3. Women (almost) doesn’t need sex.

Men needs it more. Before you start showing me the ‘Hot girls nearby’ banners, let me explain myself. During our grandparents’ time, knowledge about sex pretty much comes from exploration. Newspaper were only read by those who went to school (most women back then don’t), radio, television were luxuries, and internet didn’t exist. While the men worked 8 to 5, the women did chores for equally as long. Once the husbands reached home, and had dinner, the only physical activities anyone would willingly do is procreating.

Fast forwarding to our generation, money IS survivability. Besides three meals a day, we want three houses per country, and three cars per family. Men held their usual working hours, and chores are completed faster with machines. Homecooked meals become an occasional treat, and there are uncompleted tasks more important than sex.

While men view sex as a relief, women have their own worries to handle. For a quick perk-me-up, the ladies can get themselves off anytime of the day without feeling tired. But for us guys? Nah. I need to wake up early tomorrow.

The more desperate men become, the less effort they put into bonding and socialising. Are we just looking for a soft, warm, fleshy hole to dump our worries into? How can we expect women to do you that favour when you don’t even pay attention to their needs?

The point is, worry less about getting into the pants of the girl and put more thought into getting the girl. Most women need assurance, that amidst the strong front they put up for work, there is someone out there who pays more attention to their feminine. Their desire to be wanted is as strong as men, but for a much practical use. That is to be there at their weakest, and embrace them at their strongest.

The world is harsh to everyone no matter our gender, and as men, we can afford to give the ladies a bit more hope, by being less egoistic and more feminine (you read that right).

2. Sex goes beyond mere pleasure.

When intense emotions are called upon during the bodily connection, a penis reaches far deeper than the vagina its in. Intentions, ideas, beliefs, perception of her (or that particular partner), appears crystal clear.

C’mon, you are inside her, with pheromones and other chemicals bridging you two as one. Don’t think that your tiny dick is her main concern. Simple pleasure stimulate tons of emotions that gives her a personal rating on the ‘value of life’.

Casual sex can remind her of why she should stop doing it, and passionate love making can assure her of why she is with you. Besides feeling good (which is addictive), darker emotions mix into the mood the ladies are already in. To make her feel secure, you must find the perfect rhythm. To make her feel like a cum dump, just keep moving till you cum. We, as men, always think of orgasms as a mark of our masculinity. But can’t the ladies get orgasms on their own? It would probably be more intense and quick than our feeble attempts.

To let one person into their bodies, trust has to be there, and chemistry has to be excellent. On a personal note, I think that women whom have many dicks inside them, they are the more sensual ones, trying to find the perfect one through intimate connections that most guys just take advantage of. As for the strong headed ones withholding sex until they are certain, they are just the result of the black sheep among the white.

Sadly, the amount of black sheep outdone the white.

1. Sex is a reward, not indulgence.

We all know how great sex feels, to a point we get addicted to fantasising just to achieve the measly few seconds of orgasms (for men). While we turn the act of sex into an indulgence, women are starting to accept the idea of pleasure as a reward.

Be it for love, or a good workout after a long day, it’s a reward nonetheless. ‘Fruit of our labour’, meant that we outdone ourselves and should make a baby to signify a successful bond. Indulgence in sex results in single parent families, or even orphaned kids. You will just be destroying your own mind if you constantly thank condoms for their existence.

To some of us (guys), we have figured out the idea of ‘reward’ long before the others. We stopped indulging in pointless masturbation that wastes our Yang qi, and embrace the fact that we need communication to get a girl.

Those pretty boys who are still trying to get laid for a brief moment of relief, the ladies are much more aware of your intentions than you think. As the awareness of the consequences of ONS snowballs, the availability of women with loose principles dwindles. It’s time to stop taking advantage, and be their advantage to have you guide them in life.

If you are looking for sex just to release your load, then you might well be jerking yourself off. In a way, you will NOT be affecting the chances of you getting a partner for life (by not ruining the already-poor impressions women have of men).

There was a time when women are spoilt for choices with the availability of hardworking men whose purpose is to save money for their undetermined future. And now, women find it easier to identify the men who are NOT husband quality. Seriously, if you are not husband quality, what are you?

Don’t the ladies yearn for a dick they can call theirs, to be fucked by it anytime they want without any unwanted consequences? Or do you (guys) really want to be the ‘popular’ rifle for ACS – used by many, wanted by none. Just recall how ‘dirty’ it was when you cleaned such accurate and powerful gun(s).

0. Ask and you will not receive, but seek and you shall find.

Unlike your pocket money during your primary school days, no one is going to have sex simply cause you asked. A human mind takes time to understand another, and it is always the intention that bring doubts into the picture. Most sexual goals are temporary, usually one night long. As cute as you may look, it’s a totally different story if the ladies want you as their lifelong partner, or a warm, moving dildo.

But look at the number of happy marriages out there, bickering couples that return to the same bed every night. Can you imagine the sex they are getting? As bad as the sex may be, the loving husbands still gets it. There are no hurt feelings and even results to look forward to (having kids). To materialise love, sex is imminent, and out comes a baby to improve their sex lives even further.

Start loving, and sex will find its way to you. AND STOP RUINING THE GIRLS THAT WHITE SHEEP DESERVES!

Update 4rom Stapler!

Hey guys, Staplerman can’t be any happier to have you guys checking back especially after the change in URL. I know some of you arrived disappointed about not seeing what you followed a link (from elsewhere) for, but the change in URL will be reflected in all search engines soon. Their site-crawling robots are probably full from crunching too much data.

There hasn’t been a personal update for some time now, and I am glad to announce that the site has long past it’s 4 million page views. If not you guys, who else to thank?

All visitors should have seen the new logo/ banner of SevenSidedBox by now, designed by yours truly. I haven’t asked for any feedback cause I think I deserve to indulge in my own happy thoughts that it looked great (please tell me it is). However, if you do find it intrusive, please scroll down immediately, and don’t accidentally make yourself a talking point about visiting ‘SevenSidedBox’ and then having to explain what site it is. I wouldn’t mind the free publicity though.

Besides the new layout (or theme, or blogskin if you’re still in the ‘write-testi-for-me’ days), a friendlier mobile version is coming has been launched for you sneaky readers. Unlike the current version (as at 13th July ’15), the responsive, more presentable site will stream RSS feeds from ALL independent, local writers (that I liked and linked). I will have the final say on who appears though, judging by the frequency of their updates. Non-active founding writers of SG’s ero-tertainment scene will permanently stay on my static blogroll.

SevenSidedBox is officially a registered business now, and any monetary input will go to the expansion of this site and its subsidiaries (macam big corporation). If not for you guys (referring to the ladies too), I won’t be writing. If not for you guys, there will be no interest for the other authors to express their kinky side too.

With the recent saga revolving around SBF, the well-known one-stop-site now risks being blown to bits around the net, propagating more (thus harder to regulate) sources of videos and photos that caused the outrage to happen in the first place. SevenSidedBox has not seen any surge in visitors yet, probably cause this is not a good source of fapping material.

Right! Recalling a meme, ‘The moment you realise what you were watching after you’re done masturbating’ [insert Jackie Chan meme], I guess climaxing after an reading an erotica makes you think so deep that you can’t even see yourself. Well, that’s a good thing on some level right? … Right?

While the objective to ‘entertain’ remains, small steps have been taken to make this site more interesting. A few entries have been written under ‘Kinkies/Articles’ and that will be a representation of Staplerman’s view on sex related topics. They are NOT backed by any scientific evidence or research data, so take whatever I wrote there with a pinch of salt.

In the long run, I hope this site can be a source for educating the younger population about sex, as well as provide tips for whoever needed them. Trivia time!

‘The average age of a person coming in contact with pornography is 11.’

Will this website be a good source of education for an 11 year old? Anyway, during the course of bringing this site to where it is now, I have gained a huge deal of knowledge, developing most of the skills on my own – thanks to the unprecedented situation of don’t-know-who-to-ask-for-help-regarding-running-an-erotic-blog.

If you think I can help in any areas, feel free to get in touch with me. For now, the best support you guys can give is to buy something from me! Or perhaps a small donation? Read on, and prosper! I know it has been YEARS for some of you, and it will continue for at least a year ahead – if you know what I mean ;)

Unfortunate disclaimer: As all of Staplerman’s posts are NOW written in advance, there could be a chance that our country/ society/ lifestyle are outdated by the time you read the entries. In those times, please bear with me and endure the time travel/ reminiscence/ flashbacks , better stories will come.

Thank you‘, says Staplerman wholeheartedly.