Rotan Case

Sitting in the library, I was partially distracted by the school girl who was in such a tiny skirt that was ‘fashionable’ among schooling kids. Her crossed legs had showed so much of her thin thighs that her skirt was barely covering. Plus, the twirling of her long ponytailed hair while she flipped her books was so seductive, appearing totally too mature for someone her age to be doing.

I was at the library to read some books for inspirations and did not realise she had noticed me staring at her. As the hour passed, she started packing her bag but did not keep most of her books she could carry. The girl was soon done and approached me, asking if the seat opposite me was taken. As all libraries tried to maintain quietness, I gestured with an open palm to ask her to take the seat and she went back to one of the thicker books she was carrying.

The girl scribbled on a piece of foolscap paper before sliding it to me, reading;

I saw you looking at me. I find you quite cute too. Do you want to go out?

I took my Parker pen and wrote a four letter word – sure, before pushing it back to her. It was one of those dangerous things I should not be doing knowing she was underaged, but surely ‘going out’ meant like a walk around a shopping mall and it should be harmless right?

We packed our stuff at the same time and headed for the exit, keeping a distance that would not attract any attention. The walk to the nearby housing estates was quiet with only a few sentences exchanged to know each other’s name, and what we were doing so early on a school day.

Charlotte: ‘You want to find somewhere quiet and sit?’
Me: ‘Do you have anywhere in mind?’
Charlotte: ‘Not really.. ‘
Me: ‘There is somewhere quiet, but not sure if anyone will be walking pass.’
Charlotte: ‘Let’s go and see then.’

We made our way to the older building where Courts occupied two floors, and found a stairwell filled with unwanted display cabinets of huge electronic companies labelled on them. She sat on the highest step and I shifted a tall cabinet heavy enough to block the door and the tiny glass window above the doorknob.

Me: ‘Is it too hot for you?’
Charlotte: ‘Yeah. You are.’

I am? In shorts and a collared tee? I joined her and placed my bag away, letting her move closer beside me. I did not know what to do then as she was at such a tender age, fourteen to be exact. A secondary school girl wouldn’t have gone as far as having sex right? That would be safe for me.

The girl did not just sit there and wait for me but daringly unbuttoned the top few buttons, took my hand and placing it outside her school blouse. She wore a half-cup white bra and I must say a lot of her breasts were showing in that tiny opening. It wasn’t her size that was huge, but her top that was almost body hugging.

Charlotte: ‘You dare to do it here?’
Me: ‘I don’t mind.. but.. are you sure?’
Charlotte: ‘Yeah. I saw how you type on your iPad, going so fast and swift. I don’t mind letting you touch me.’

Heck, what happens later can be left for later. I moved her one step lower and sat behind her, slipping my hand into her shirt and bra. For her age, it was understandable to handle a 34A cups and my fingers could not stop rolling those nipples around. It was hard when I laid my hands on them and she was leaning back between my legs, enjoying the one-side pleasure session.

As I was fondling her breasts, her skirt was lifted to her hips, all the while seated. The cute pink laced panties was a little sheer and that small curve of her pussy was so tempting to touch. She took my other hand over her shoulders and pulled it down to her groin, letting my dreams come true in such short notice.

I did not waste any time and began rubbing on her panties, until she could not take it anymore and tugged at the waistband to let me hand in. I dived in for the kill and went for her clit straight, massing and vibrating my finger till the grip on my arm tightened. Her semi-wet pussy suddenly got super wet and her panties soaked up most of the juices that was leaking.

Charlotte turned a few times to kiss me, and it was when she felt exceptionally good.

Charlotte: ‘Lower your pants for me?’

She shifted herself away from my legs and sat another step lower this time. My dick was smelling a little from the tight underwear but she did not mind at all. Her hands went over it to explore it and placed some saliva to help with masturbating the monster size.

Charlotte (whispering): ‘Is it this big for guys your age?’
Me (whispering): ‘I think there are bigger ones out there.’
Charlotte (whispering): ‘Oh my god.. I think I can’t take anything bigger than yours.’

Wait.. what did she just said? She had sex before? And.. mine was the biggest? On one side, I was glad for her compliment, but on the other, was she hinting at something else? It would get me caned! Again, I was already in a situation caning was part of the sentence if I got caught.

So, might as well right?

Me (whispering): ‘You want to try it?’

She did not understood what I just said and just placed her lips over it. Bobbing her head up and down, the knowledge of foreplay was still new to her but I couldn’t expect more. She was just fourteen, still a long way to go. Her mouth was pretty much inexperienced and I could only get that much out of her. Her tongue went all over the place and she even choked herself a few times. Watching the small girl struggle with my size got unbearable soon and I had to stop her.

Charlotte: ‘Sorry. I am not good at it. You’re just the second guy I have done this for.’
Me: ‘Tell me tell me. Who’s the first?’
Charlotte: ‘My ex? He forced me to do this for him. I don’t like it when he choke me.’
Me: ‘Then why did you do this for me then? You don’t like it.’
Charlotte: ‘Who asks you to be so cute?’

I sighed without knowing what part of me is ‘cute’ and got on my feet to join her at the step she was sitting on. Instead, she pushed me down and I landed on my butt with a thump. Apparently, she wasn’t done and I should be seated. The petite girl stood with her back facing me and I watched her panties appear from under her skirt, and into her bag. She flipped her skirt upwards and it hung around her waist easily.

Not sure what she was getting at, I did not do anything until she questioned if I had sex before. Of course I had it before, if not where did my stories come from right?

Charlotte: ‘Put it in?’
Me: ‘I don’t have a condom.’
Charlotte: ‘Umm.. just pull it out before you shoot?’

Hesitantly, I lowered my shorts and stood where I sat.

Me: ‘Come up here. It’s too dangerous to stand there.’

She hopped into the mini-fort of the display stands and I went behind her. Her legs were already at shoulder-width and all I had to do, was to penetrate her. At first, it was impossible to get even the head in. But she simply asked me to put some saliva and it went in easier, though it was just the tip.

Charlotte: ‘Slowly k? You’re too big.’

I made sure to sink one millimetre at each thrust and she was holding onto one of the stands so hard I could see the veins. After a long two minutes, I was finally deep inside her and she was almost upright with her back pasted on my chest. There was no time to waste as anyone could just try to enter through the door, so I picked up my pace and started banging her.

We were really banging each other as our position kept knocking into the stands, and her moans were getting louder too.

Charlotte: ‘I’m cumming.. ‘
Me: ‘So fast?’
Charlotte: ‘Yeah! You’re so big!’

True enough, she came with the same amount of liquid leaking out of her pussy and it drenched my balls. It was only after a few seconds of motionless rest that she asked me to pull out.

An apologetic look appeared on her face as she led me by my hand to the steps, sitting herself down and wearing her panties back.

Charlotte: ‘Sex really feels good. Sorry I stopped before you finish.’
Me: ‘It’s okay. Doesn’t it feels good with your ex?’

The fear of getting caught disappeared since we were no longer having sex, and things wouldn’t be so wrong if she was to report me.

Charlotte: ‘Huh? We didn’t have sex.’
Me: ‘You mean I’m your first?’
Charlotte: ‘Yeah. I didn’t have sex with my ex. You just.. don’t seem like a bad guy.’

Thanks for that I guess. She was dressed by then and I was ready to pull my pants up after letting it air for some time. But before I could hide my junk back, her hand was over it again and stroking me.

Me: ‘You still want to do it?’
Charlotte: ‘No.. I just want to please you.’
Me: ‘You don’t have to. I am fine.’

She moved down a step and her face between my legs made me lose my cool. She was so adorable and daring, like someone asking to be loved.

Charlotte: ‘Are you sure you don’t want it?’
Me: ‘Yes.’

I nudged her head away but she quickly covered her mouth over my dick, throwing me back with a saliva filled blowjob. She was sucking much harder this time and her tongue knew what to do. Her thin lips were wrapped so closely around it and all I could do was groan. The fear of choking went away as I watched her going much deeper, almost reaching 3/4 of my shaft.

Deep breaths were taken as my mind went numb from her oral skills. There was no way she could make me cum with that and I knew it. It was no right to let her keep doing this without an end right?

Me: ‘Put your hand at the bottom and pump me while you suck. It will be faster.’
Charlotte: ‘Faster?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I.. I can’t cum with your mouth.’

A sweet smile came to me and she did what I suggested, jerking me while her mouth worked around the hood. The whole thing took close to five minutes but she was going non-stop, as though she had a favour to return. Her cheeks were collapsing as she sucked me harder, letting her saliva lubricate the handjob.

Me: ‘I think I’m shooting.’

The girl paid no attention to what I just said and kept going, until the hot load gushed into her mouth and she choked dangerously on it, snorting out some of the cum while her lips were still moving.

Me: ‘Stop stop.. you’re choking!’

She made another few strokes before finally letting go of my dick, although it was her mouth that stopped. Her jerking hand was squeezing the rest of my cum out of the meat tube and tears were seen swelling in her eyes.

Me: ‘You don’t have to do so much for me.’

She used the packet of tissue to clean herself up and went down on me a few more times to lick me clean. We hastily left the place after unblocking the door, and she was all smiles when we walked towards the nearby bus stop.

Charlotte: ‘You like it?’
Me: ‘No. Not when you are suffering.’
Charlotte: ‘But I don’t mind.’
Me: ‘Why? Cause I look cute when I cum?’
Charlotte: ‘No. You look cute when you are so worried.’

She slipped her arm under mine on the bus, even though I knew the bus did not bring me home. I sent her to her block and she stopped before the lift to give me a kiss.

Charlotte (whispering): ‘I know a place where there is no one.’

She dragged me into the lift and we made out passionately until we reached the highest floor, where the whole level only had two units with pamphlets choking the rusting gates. She was quicker than me in lowering her panties and raising her skirt up to let me see her pussy, assuring the worried me that no one would come to this floor.

As I pounded her in standing doggie again, she told me a secret that no one else knew.

Charlotte: ‘I always masturbate here before going to school.’

The harder me rammed her mindless till she came three times, and I did not give in to her pleas to stop. The girl never regretted my decision and rewarded me with blowjobs, that she got so good at I couldn’t get enough of. To be unfair, I was living the dreams of every man fucking an underaged girl whose driving force was to have sex as often as we could.

Was it worth getting caned for this fantasy that came true? You tell me.

Acquired Taste

Joey: ‘Yuck! It’s so disgusting!’

She opened the door of her boyfriend’s car and spat the load onto the concrete ground. He had been fingering her since they started on the road and she gave in to his request to suck him off, for the third time in their relationship. It was the first time he shot in her mouth and it totally turned her off. Tony did not care about her comfort and made her did it against her will, but it was nothing too painful she could not handle.

Tony: ‘You just need to used to the taste.’

He started the car and drove on, making their way back to her place where her parents were out at work. The perks of having a good looking, sexy figured girlfriend was that she could easily turn him on by just removing her bra under her shirt. Although she had a killer body, never once she flaunted it causally even if he demanded her. The plain body hugging t-shirt revealed a little of her slim waist, but nothing more. Her pair of leggings took her some time to remove but it was gone at the same time Tony stripped to his underwear.

Tony: ‘Lie on the bed and wait for me. I go wash it first.’
Joey: ‘Again?’
Tony: ‘Yeah. You don’t know you have a horny boyfriend meh?’

She tied her hair as she asked him to hurry, knowing that the CIM act had gotten her in a situation he would always want it. He came out of the toilet after a while and found her lying on his pillow, ponytail adjusted to the side so she could lie comfortably. Laying beside her, he planted those relaxed lips on hers and she was immediately brought to speed to meet his desires.

Her hand went to his raw dick and his fingers wriggled into her thongs. The mutual masturbation turned each other on wetter and harder, making them as energetic as before they had the first round. Must of her handjob was out of sync as he fingered her deeper, curving his fingers upwards to tease the g-spot she always succumb to.

Joey: ‘I.. I am cumming!’

She grabbed him by the wrist and kept his fingers buried deep, biting her lips as she trembled to his satisfied look. Panting from the meek orgasm, she was still horny and used his hand to resume the masturbation.

Tony: ‘Someone so horny huh?’
Joey: ‘You luh! Turn me on with this.’

Her hand went back to jerking and he was eager to move to fucking his hot girlfriend. He was the type of guy liked the normal sex positions and somehow, her cowgirl did not stimulate him as much. But she loved how his dick would poke at her g-spot in that position. He moved between her legs and opened them, pushed his dick down at her pussy and gently let the head pop in.

Joey’s hands were on his forearms beside her hips as he ripped his way in, spreading those closely stuck vaginal walls to fit his size. The teasing entry simply made her want more and her legs were over his ass once he penetrated into her.

Tony: ‘Ready?’

She nodded shyly and he started the missionary. Her head tilted upwards and eyes shut themselves to enjoy every inch of his manhood, thrusting vigorously at her. It was one of those non-overwhelming, slow-build up momentum that she knew would ‘charge’ her orgasms up to the max before he would let her cum. The demure looking girl had taken on a wilder side and moans were filling his ears as he rammed harder.

Joey (whispering): ‘Yes yes.. keep going.. don’t stop.. ‘

She neared an orgasm and he picked up his speed, pounding her deeper till he felt her pussy tightened around his shaft. Suddenly, he paused right before she could climax and made her use her legs to pull him in.

Joey: ‘Why did you stop? Don’t torture me.. ‘
Tony: ‘Let me shoot in your mouth again?’
Joey: ‘Anything.. just move.. ‘

The correct answer pushed him to fuck her hard all the way and she was shaking once again to his powerful dick that was stroking against the sensitive spots on her pussy. It was so mind blowing that she went blank for a while and Tony’s dick disappeared out of her. He was lying next to her when she regained consciousness and his finger was rubbing on her clit to wake her up.

Joey (tiredly): ‘I thought you wanted to shoot in my mouth?’
Tony: ‘I haven’t cum yet.’

She flipped around and went between his legs this time. Lying with her hand on his dick, she gave it a few stroke before she licked it up and down like an ice cream. Joey was in charge this time and she kept doing that until he had to beg her to put it in her mouth. A sheepish grin appeared on her face and she put the head in, sucking it so hard he groaned in pain. The subsequent swirling of her tongue brought a relieve to him and her lips slowly descended down.

Keeping it at that depth, she did not move much and only used her tongue to wriggle under his shaft.

Tony: ‘Your turn to torture me is it?’

A nod from her gave him a new sensation that was both soothing and arousing. He liked the little stimulation on his dick head and she nodded a few more times to his request. A while of watching the grown man falling weak to her motionless mouth later, she began the blowjob proper and pumped her head up and down.

This time, she was making longer strides and he was totally weak from her mouth. She had successfully found the perfect tempo, pressure and spots to press her tongue against. Never had he been so helpless and the urge to cum came much sooner than expected.

Tony (groaning): ‘Fuck.. I’m shooting!’

The surprised look on her face did not stop the blowjob and she went faster, neck stretching and moving in a circular motion. In less than a minute, his hands went over her head and her mouth was forced all the way down. The first wave came hard onto her throat and she quickly pushed against his thighs to get the choking feel away before she really stopped.

He knew better to let her relax and his arms fell to the sides, letting her lips stop midway along his rod and she flicked on his pee hole to get the rest of his cum out. The blissful expression on his face was priceless as the cum filled her mouth up. She did not taste much of his sperms since it all went around her mouth that was pointed downwards.

The long minute finally ended and she removed her mouth, climbing over his body in a cowgirl stance. Joey sat over his sperm-covered dick and faced down at him, where he thought she was going to let his cum fall over his face. Instead, she swallowed and began grinding her hips, rubbing that slippery cock in her.

Tony went soft despite having a pussy over him and she understood her boyfriend well. Laying on his chest, he was still inside her when she rested.

Tony: ‘You like to sleep with me inside?’
Joey: ‘Yupp.’
Tony: ‘But the sperms.. ‘
Joey: ‘I’ve licked it clean.’

His arms went around her and patted her to sleep, smiling at his wonderful girlfriend who was getting accustomed to swallowing his load.

Tony: ‘I love you baby.’
Joey: ‘I love you too.’

The couple fell asleep for a long while until he felt her getting off him. The tired guy did not stay tired for long after her mouth went around his dick again, sucking him to reach a full size for another round of frenzy sex.

Overflowing Panties

Getting out of the shower in a hurry, Charis slipped on the panties she prepared the night before, wriggling it up her waist for a comfortable fit. It was one of those PE days and her school sport shorts went over it, along with the white shirt that had her ‘house’ on it. She was running late for school despite staying just beside and dashed into the assembly area just before the bell rang.

Her semi-dried body caused her panties to feel a little damp but it did not bother her until PE started for the first lesson of the day. While most of her body was dried, the part where her pussy came in contact with, still felt somewhat wet, in fact, the word to use was ‘gooey’. There was no time to check what was happening and she followed the class after stripping her skirt away.

Teacher: ‘Alternate leg thrust.’

One of her knee tucked at her chest and the other stretched out straight. The wetness had gone but a sticky feeling took over instead. The poor secondary four girl did not understand what her body did and continued with the exercises that kept reminding her of the discomfort.

Wei Hao: ‘Why are your movements so weird today? You got hit so many times.’

The PE lesson ended with a loss on her side in a mini dodgeball game, that had really pushed her physical limits running around in that sticky panties. The sweat from her body soaked into her panties, making the gooey feeling return and she disappeared into the girl’s bathroom without giving him a reply. The rest of the class returned to their classroom for lessons, leaving Wei Hao, the class monitor, waiting for Charis.

Wei Hao (shouting): ‘Charis! Are you alright?’
Charis (shouting): ‘Hao! You want to go back to class first? I am having a stomachache.’
Wei Hao (shouting): ‘Andrew just texted me. Mr. Ho is on MC. There’s no relieve teacher too. I’ll wait for you. Faster!’

She sat on the toilet with her panties in her hands, wondering what the white sticky substance was. There was no other males in her house except her younger brother, whom had returned for a short while yesterday to pick up some clothes. Her dad was overseas and there was no one else. Unless it was really.. her brother?!

There was no way she could wear that piece of panties back, but she had never gone pantyless before. The PE shorts had soil over it when she fell on the field during a warm up run and it was damp from the dew too.

Charis (shouting): ‘Hao! Can you ask Sheryl to bring me her shorts? Mine is too dirty.’
Wei Hao (shouting): ‘I have an extra pair. My mum accidentally packed two. Want mine?’

Shit. Must she wear his? Anyway, things couldn’t get any worse and size just didn’t matter then.

Charis (shouting): ‘Can you pass it to me? Not convenient to come out now.’

After he ‘hello’-ed a few times into the ladies without a reply, he hurried through the door to help his friend out. Suddenly, through the slanted windows above the wall, the giggles of girls AND fast shuffling footsteps came out of nowhere! Wei Hao instinctively dashed into the only cubicle with its door ajar, covered her mouth and signalled for her to keep quiet with a finger on his own lips. Since Charis’ initial plan was to retrieve his shorts through the door, she was still half naked with her school blouse unbuttoned when he barged in.

He only pulled his hand away when he sensed a few nods from her, and in place of his hand, she laid her index across her lips, agreeing to stay quiet for their benefit.

The two of them dare not moved as the girls outside did not know there was anyone else in there. It is actually stealthy like mission impossible, except with more fear than excitement mixed with awkwardness. Wei Hao kept swallowing his saliva in the tensed situation and the sight of the frightened, half-naked girl, was the only thing taking away those fearful thoughts of getting caught. The ‘intruders’ left after a while and things returned to normal, for Charis to wear her new shorts.

When she sat on the toilet to wear them, her eyes caught the obvious huge bulge, and Wei Hao wasn’t even looking at her, for he had already seen enough of her smoothly shaved pussy.

For the first time in her schooling life, she found herself in the most embarrassing position without any idea on what to do. Charis had looked upon him as a leader but never crossed her mind to be that close to him in a toilet cubicle. Not that she liked or hated him, she was at a ‘inbetween’ state that didn’t mind being his. He has been watching her since she stopped wearing that pants, and was more than hopeful for something to happen.

With best intentions, her trembling hand reached for that bulging area to rub up and down against, and Wei Hao brushed his hand past her face for her boobs. One standing and the other sitting, that was all the space they had. He began fondling those nipples as soon as he laid his hand on them and she was gracefully lowering his zip to meet his monster. The shy gentleman took his dick out after she struggled with his underwear and left it ‘in her hand’ for her to play with.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘Sit back?’

She adjusted herself to lean against the flush sensors and raised her feet to the corners of the seat. He had gone to stand beside her and gently glided his hand down her thighs, progressing towards her pussy.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘You shave it everyday?’
Charis (whispering): ‘Yeah. It just feels cleaner this way. Doesn’t it?’

Yes, it truly did. With that said, his fingers contacted her clit and she gasped in shock. It was the first time someone else’s hand had touched her and the quick vibrations calmed her doubtful thoughts down. It had definitely felt better doing it herself and she returned the favour by jerking his hard on, thick to a point only her fingertips could touched each other. A few more girls entered and left quietly, as they progressed in their silent play.

It did not take long for Charis to let slipped the kinky side of her and it totally sent Wei Hao’s mind wild.

Charis (whispering): ‘Put your fingers in.’

He stuck his middle finger in and thrusted at her innocent looking pussy carefully. He was admiring her slit most of the time to watch how the juices covered his finger, and the beauty of her was well hidden between a plump, fleshy mould of skin. He had accidentally triggered the most sensitive spot in her and she was responding to him in arousing arches of her back. Her handjob was moving at the same pace as his fingering hand, sending momentary waves of pleasure through his slow-shutting and opening eyes.

Subsequently, her mouth opened and turned towards his dick, where he stood up for and let her lips went around his shaft. The girl did not know how to execute a blowjob then and just moved her head up and down, maintaining a suction that caused him to groan.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘It feels damn good.’

She had thought the same too, with a second finger poking into her body, spreading her pussy lips even wider. He was prodding at her g-spot non-stop and the fingering only lasted a minute before her legs closed onto his hand, immobilising him with a strong contraction that hurt his fingers.

Now, she had came and he had not. Charis folded her legs and turned her body to face him, at the side of the cubicle. One of her hands went between her pussy and continued masturbating herself while she sucked faster, with a little help from his hands that were licked clean (by Wei Hao himself). He was shoving her head down on his dick and she was holding out fine from some unknown reasons.

The discreet ‘physical exploration’ slowly came to an end as his hips buckled in a couple of strange, twitching wriggle. She had expected things to come to an end about then.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘I’m cumming. How?’

She took her dirtied panties without thinking and wrapped the butt area around his dick, using it to jerk him off. After a minute plus, he blew his load into her underwear and it seeped through the thin material easily, sending her into a frantic mode to contain his cum. The deep, breathing schoolboy did not move as his dick kept squirting, till every drop was out.

Wei Hao was done in a few long seconds and was mostly cleaned during the panty-rub. He then helped her put on his spare clean shorts and buckled her bra for her, before leaving the toilet behind Charis. Just so no one would spot him coming out of the ladies first.

Charis: ‘Don’t tell anyone about it k?’
Wei Hao: ‘I won’t. Who do you think I am?’
Charis: ‘Our class monitor. And my good buddy.’

They walked uneventfully into their class that had gone havoc in the absence of a teacher. No one had questioned their disappearance and appearance, leaving them to be the only ones to know what they did.

Classes came and passed quickly for that day as their MC teacher was supposed to take them for two subjects over three periods. It was freedom for everyone after their last lesson and Wei Hao got a message after he stayed behind to ensure everyone left the classroom.

Charis (Whatsapp): ‘Left school yet? There is no one in the toilet now.’

Of course, it was a Friday and everyone had rushed off for their weekend activities. The school emptied itself in a flash, and even the teachers were no longer around. I guess we would understand how it felt. Wei Hao happily made his way to the toilet and did the same, hello-ing a few times before going into the same cubicle where Charis was waiting in her school uniform.

Charis: ‘We have till five before the uncle locks the gate. This time, you are going to strip me.’

A smile broke his cool look and her buttons popped off easily. What would they do this time? Using just their hands and mouths? Who knows? ;)

Against My Bag

As I cramped towards the middle of the double carriage 851, I couldn’t adjust my office bag (rectangular in design) in time and hit the legs of a girl standing behind me against the curved plastic wall. I gave her an apologetic nod and received a small shake of her head to tell me it’s alright. With close to 45 minutes before I get home, I was prepared to be standing on this 初一 (first day of the lunar month) packed bus. Most of my attention was in fact on the girl, whom had to endure the discomfort of my bag.

As more people boarded, things only got worse after I was forced to lean backwards at her. There was just so little space and passengers were in a hurry to get home in the rainy weather. After the crowd stopped increasing in numbers, my hand on the centre pole was slowly draining the strength in my arm.

The poor girl behind me had adjusted herself a few times along the way and my bag was slipping between her legs in the most embarrassing accident.

Me: ‘I’m sorry.’
Girl: ‘It’s okay.’

Those were the only words I could say to her. The bus whizzed past stops from then and it was a smoother ride. The handle of my bag was detecting more movements from the girl and a discreet glance at my bag actually gave me a view that made my ride slightly better. The edge of my bag was pressing against her groin and she was in fact using it to get herself off.

Her hands went to my shoulders and pulled me backwards, feeling the tip of her bra on my back.

Girl: ‘You want to turn and face me?’

It was then I took note of what she was wearing, a see-through chiffon blouse with a spaghetti top under, and a pair of high waist skirt. Face to face, we were so close to each other that I could smell the subtle floral scent from her. The blushing on her face made her looked cute and I was head over heels for that brief moment.

Me (whispering): ‘Am I accidentally turning you on?’
Girl (whispering): ‘A little?’

I took a step closer to her and placed my bag behind her feet, using my pants to hide the hand that I had covered her groin with. My fingers had to work hard over that thick material but she was receiving well. The constant swallowing of her saliva, and eyes looked mostly downwards. I could tell she was enjoying it.

Me: ‘How old are you? You look young.’
Girl: ’20? I’ve seen you a few times taking this bus.’

Is it? How could I have missed her? The neck length rounded haircut totally fitted her well and the make up was light enough to showcase her smooth complexion.

Girl: ‘I can feel you against me.’

Feel me? My hand is rubbing you.. wait.. did she meant my hard on? She held the collar of my shirt and put my head beside her. Now, anyone would think that we were a couple, which wasn’t so bad with this pretty lady. She undid the zip on her shorts and then did a quick turn of her body to face the boring zigzag wall just so I could have an easier access. Pushing my hand into the tiny zipper opening, I felt her panties under and continued rubbing her pussy, trying to reach deeper each time.

We stood in that awkward position for close to five minutes before she suddenly pushed her butt against me, and I had to pin her to avoid hitting the passenger behind me. The dampness of her panties had told me she had came and she turned herself quickly after to prevent any suspicion.

Girl: ‘Your turn.’
Me: ‘How?’
Girl: ‘Cover with your bag? Face forward.’

This time, I did hit the guy in front of me while getting my back turned and had to lean on her to make space for my briefcase. Instead of unzipping me, she wriggled her hand into my belt and made her way into my underwear. The restricted space did not allow her to do much except fondle my dick until she was reaching her stop. That thumb of hers rubbing over my dickhead was so unbearable but that was what made it fun, to hold back my sensitiveness in the presence of the public.

Girl: ‘Sorry I couldn’t help you. I’m getting off the next stop.’

By then, her hand was out and we were looking as ‘normal’ as possible. I gave her a casual smile and told her it’s okay, since I had more fun than what I expected on this bus ride. The guilty look was unavoidable as she took it as a mutual exchange of pleasure.

Girl: ‘Do you want to alight with me?’

It was only 2pm in the day and I had time to go anywhere I wanted. Getting off the bus with her, we walked to a block deep into the neighbourhood and stopped at a stairwell. The huge wet patches gave us only a few steps to sit on and she was eager to get started. Never had I met a girl so anxious and initiating towards a stranger, we haven’t got each others’ name too.

After listening to the noises in the floor for a few minutes, we felt safer and I undid my belt, lowering my zip to let her handle my hard on. The handjob started off rough as there was no lubrication. The strokes couldn’t get any faster without a burn and it wasn’t good for me as well.

Me: ‘Do you want to put some saliva over it?’

She dropped some saliva over it and continued pumping her fist, smoother and more slippery this time. It was kind of one-side from then as I was the only one who had not came yet. As much as I wanted to lay back and enjoy, it didn’t feel as good as two person cumming together.

Me: ‘Would you like to have sex?’
Girl: ‘I.. I wanted to ask you that too.’
Me: ‘Is it easy for you to cover if anyone walks pass?’
Girl: ‘My shirt is long enough. I think.’

Shirt?! It was translucent! Even if it could cover, it won’t hide anything. At that time, I couldn’t care less and watched her removed her shorts, leaving a plain pink cotton panties to clad her private part. We stood against the railings and I lowered her undies enough to see her pussy. It was that shaved, smooth goodness that every man would like to lay their hands on, I won’t deny I had that urge too. I ran my fingers along her slit a few times before she hurried me in a slightly desperate tone.

Yes, there was no time to waste. With my pants sliding down my legs, I angled my hips upwards and penetrated that sweet, wet hole. Reckless, raw and possibly dangerous. She held onto the handrail tightly while her body shook violently from my pounding. We had to keep ourselves as quiet as possible not to alarm the neighbours, plus the silent sex didn’t feel too bad too.

The mature looking 20 year old was moaning softly as I made deeper strokes, ramming her till she was begging for more. There wasn’t much dry spots to try other positions and we weren’t complaining about the standing doggie too. My naughty hands kept massaging her breasts under the tank top and she was getting tighter from the excitement of being discovered.

Girl: ‘Cumming soon?’
Me: ‘Yeah. A bit more. I’ll go all the way till I shoot k?’
Girl: ‘Before you shoot please.’

A breathy ‘haha’ came and I picked up my speed in that risky situation. Pounding her ass hard, I was doing my best to cum at the same time with her. True enough, after another few minutes, her vagina closed around my shaft and I felt my dick bombarding my mind with an ejaculation siren.

Pulling out of her shivering body turning cold from chilly weather and orgasm, I went to the small drain to kill the biological tadpoles. She rushed over to me, standing in the opening in the wall where anyone could have seen her, and hugged me from the back. Hand jerking me off, I let her did the rest and lazily rested my head on her shoulders.

Unknowingly, she had aimed my meat pipe upwards and the load totally went all over her fingers. Unwilling to stop halfway, she stroked me faster to milk every drop and I was exhausted in no time. With her dirtied hand and nowhere to sit, I took the pack of tissue in her bag for her and helped her cleaned up.

Girl: ‘There’s cum over you too. I should have aimed it at the wall.’
Me: ‘It’s okay luh. I am heading home to clean up.’
Girl: ‘No. I’ll clean up for you. Don’t move.’

I was ready to hand her another piece of tissue when she nudged my hand, crumpling the pack of tissue. She squatted down in front of me and pushed me against the wall, taking my cum-covered dick into her mouth and sucking it clean. More of my goodies went into her mouth and she swallowed it conveniently, citing that she did not want to dirty her stairs.

Thoughtful isn’t she? The short oral ended after my dick was smoothly cleaned and she wore her shorts back. We got dressed and the unexpected quickie came to an end. It was the most random sex I had with a not-too-bad looking chick. How I wished more of such opportunities came, weren’t you guys thinking to same?

Girl: ‘Do you want to keep in contact?’
Me: ‘It will be my honour.’
Girl: ‘Don’t say so soon. You might not be able to keep up.’

A cheeky smile came as we exchanged contacts and she went up stairs back home. Before I left, she pointed at the wall where she lived and that was when I realised we were fucking so close to her house. Someone could have just walked to the lift and see their sweet looking neighbour being boned under the cloudy weather. Does such life-threatening outdoor sex actually excites her? Now I understood what she meant by ‘not being able to keep up’.

For the rest of the journey home, I felt at peace despite boarding a bus as crowded and just could not stop thinking about that beautiful face sucking me off so obediently. I would definitely want more of that. At least I have something to look forward to when I work right?

Fixing His Erection

After a dinner with his wife, Winn (initial W for Wife) and sister-in-law, Yin, Max was alone with his in law while his wife did the dishes. Sitting in front of the TV, she whispered softly to him, about a problem she had caught wind of.

Yin (whispering): ‘Eh.. I heard you got problem getting hard ah?’
Max (whispering): ‘Who told you that? Winn ah?’
Yin (whispering): ‘Yeah. She just said you have a problem down there. Didn’t say much after.’

He was confused about what she just asked as he did not find any problems with it. No matter how he tried to change the topic, she was pestering him to tell her the truth but there was nothing he was going to say. Yin was the older sister of his wife, about 32 years old while he and Winn was at the same age of 30. She had yet to marry but no one in the family was making noises.

Max and Winn had been living in bliss ever since their marriage and he had never heard of her complaining about his erections. Now, a third party had questioned him out of the blue and he did not know what was happening.

Yin wore a normal one piece tank top dress that hid most of her thighs, truly nothing attractive about her outfit. But her figure, was something that men would take a quick peek at, often spotting the visible panty and bra lines showing underneath. Winn was much sexier in her dressing and would wear lesser when the married couple went out on dates. They had made plans only to have children two years later and she was put on the pill.

Winn: ‘I am done. I’ll go take a shower first.’
Yin: ‘Okay.’

Seeing that her sister was gone, the curiosity got the better of her and she started poking deeper at his ‘problem’.

Yin: ‘You want to show it to me? I have fixed quite a few friends who had the same problem. Nothing shameful about it, and we are family.’
Max: ‘No thanks. I will talk to her.’
Yin: ‘Don’t don’t.. she doesn’t know I asked you.’
Max: ‘Okay.’

He took off into the bedroom where his wife was showering and Yin felt a little guilty for asking too much. After a minute, his wife exited the bathroom naked and slipped on the silky night gown, where her nipples poked at.

Winn: ‘What did you two talk about? So secretive.’
Max: ‘Nothing.’
Winn: ‘Say.. don’t keep anything from me.’
Max: ‘Did you tell her I have problems with my dick?’

Yin had heard their conversations and went straight to their room, denying that she did so. The wife went to sit next to him and let off a long breath before speaking.

Winn: ‘Yes, I told her that you have a problem. Cause you are hard all the time. I am afraid you will find someone else when I am at work. I’d rather you fuck my sister than cheat on me.’
Max: ‘What the hell are you talking about? I have never thought about other women.’
Winn: ‘I know. But Yin has been thinking about you. I know that.’

She glared at her sister who was darting her eyes everywhere in embarrassment. The frequent visits at unusual timing, wearing so seductively (for a dinner at a family’s house), over-friendly attitude and constant questions at their sex life. It all made sense suddenly.

Winn pushed her husband down onto the bed and sat on top of his abs, preventing him from moving.

Winn: ‘Mei, go check if he has a problem.’

She silently went behind Winn and tugged the shorts down, exposing his underwear that had a hard on. She did not stop just there though, lowering that piece of cloth down his legs. The urge to just touch him was too great to resist.

Winn: ‘What are you doing? Why don’t you give him a thorough check?’

Max couldn’t believe how lucky – or unlucky, he was. His wife actually allowed her sister to lay hands on him? The astonished look disappeared once his dick came in contact with her fingers, and the gradual strokes sent him weak. Winn moved her pussy towards his mouth and sat lightly, allowing his tongue to lap her pussy like a dog.

The threesome got out of hand quickly when he caught a few glimpse of Yin stripped her panties out of her dress, and went to lie adjacent to his hips. His tongue got faster once his dick felt a warm and wet mouth going over it and he gave up thinking about the consequences. The sucking on Winn’s clit got stronger as Yin went faster.

Winn: ‘Don’t just suck him. He had a lot from me already.’

The quiet lady went over his abs and hugged her sister, apologising for all she had done. They went emotional all of a sudden and heartwarming conversations went on while her pussy engulfed his dick in a tight, black hole.

Yin: ‘I will love him the same way you did.’
Winn: ‘No.. I don’t need you to love him. Just keep him satisfied when I am not around.’

What did Max just hear? Was he in a dream? It must be. Yin’s hands went under his wife’s dress and caressed her breasts, moving her hips to ride him at the same time. With the three of them groaning and moaning, no one had second thoughts about the orgy that was happening.

Winn: ‘My turn now.’

The sister got up to let her sit over his dick and a gasp was heard from Max. He had gotten much bigger than usual from the two-on-one partnership. Winn grinded him like no tomorrow, letting his dick push all of her buttons. Yin did not just watch them go at it, she went over his mouth and had a taste of his tongue, flicking non-stop at the moaning ladies. The sisters played with each other’s breasts and came at the same time, wetting his lips and balls together.

Winn: ‘Are you on birth control?’
Yin: ‘No. I don’t have anyone to do with anyway. But I can’t have kids. That’s why no one rushed me to get married.’
Winn: ‘Dear, cum in her today k? Don’t say no.’

The three of them took a short break and his sister-in-law got on her fours, with Winn under her, still playing with her boobs. Max flipped her dress up and shoved his cock mercilessly at her, pumping with all his speed and vigour. For starters, there was no way Yin was used to it and came continuously after the first orgasm in this position.

Max (groaning): ‘I am shooting!’

Yin bit her teeth together to show her sister how she squeezed and made Max screamed out loud. His dick was going through the toughest challenge ever to cum into that tight hole. About five thrusts later, the interconnected couple froze and shivered, savouring the ‘warming’ moment where his cum heated the neglected pussy up.

She fell onto her sister and let the dick slipped out on its own. Max laid beside them and they took one side each, cuddling him like a bolster.

Winn (whispering): ‘Don’t find other girls k?’
Max (whispering): ‘I won’t.’
Winn: ‘Don’t just ignore Yin also. I know you won’t find her even if I allowed you to. But my dear is a understanding husband right? She has her needs too.’
Max: ‘We will find each other if any of us needs it k? Love you.’
Yin (whispering): ‘Thank you both.’
Max: ‘Okay.. Let’s sleep. Tomorrow is Saturday. We will spend the day together as a family k?’

What Money Can Do

Pete (IRC): ‘Three hundred dollars?’

That offer was almost irresistible for Alice to turn down. The attached girl had recalled her boyfriend hinting at a threesome for the longest time and doing it with monetary rewards seemed even better. Never had she thought she would actually consider the stranger’s request but it was killing two birds with one stone, satisfying her boyfriend’s fetish and earning some quick money.

Alice (IRC): ‘Okay. I’ll let you know again. Here’s my number 9835****.’

She went to discuss the details with her boyfriend, Zhong, and he agreed immediately. He was getting excited with her openness and he could finally see how badly other guys wanted her. They made their way to the hotel room where the 30 year old man was waiting and was pleasantly surprised to see a well-groomed man in the white shirt and work pants.

Pete: ‘You must be Zhong, I’m Pete. Thanks for taking up the offer.’
Zhong: ‘No worries. It has been my fetish for a threesome too.’
Pete: ‘A threesome? She didn’t tell me.. Can I top up another two hundred to have a one-to-one with her? But you can stay in the room.’

With the promise of more money, why not? He nodded before Alice could say anything and flicked his fingers, asking her to go with him. Zhong took his seat at the wide space on a chair right below the foot of the bed, and took his phone out to play.

Alice on the other hand, stood in front of Pete who was stripping her. The sporty outfit consisting of a jacket and a pair of matching grey shorts was all she wore, leaving only her lingerie below it. Pete did not waste anymore time and unzipped her top, removing all but her panties on. The underage looking girl had just turned 19, but the kiddy figure was what attracted him to get her no matter the price.

He had her sit on the bed and proceed to undo his pants, letting her catch a glimpse of what was about to fuck her. That piece of meat between his legs was almost twice in size from her boyfriend, and Zhong got more excited when he saw how huge it was.

Pete: ‘Can you suck me?’

She held his dick in her hand and nodded shyly, parting that youthful looking lips to cup over the tip. He was smelling so clean unlike Zhong who always made her suck his salty smelling dick and she got to work immediately. As he unbuttoned his shirt, her mouth stroked along his shaft, fitting that cock that was about her mouth’s limit. Everything was happening at a comfortable space and she was getting turned on by the thoughts of having him inside.

As soon as he got naked, he carried her easily in his strong arms and placed her gently down on the bed. Getting between her legs, he lifted them by her calves and asked her to guide it in. Alice did a good job of hiding her eagerness and only displayed a bit of fear as she brought his tip to her pussy, where her panties laid to a side.

Pete: ‘You’re quite tight huh? Let me know if it hurts.’

He slowly thrust the tip until her entrance stretched to a less constricted size and he let the rest of his dick split her vagina. Although it had hurt a little, the contact between his rough rod along her smooth, soft pussy was stimulating and she was letting the pleasure fill her at its own pace. Pete understood the delicacy of the girl and rested inside her for some time, just to let her get accustomed to his dick.

Pete: ‘Ready?’
Alice: ‘Yeah. Start slow k?’

As soon as the first stroke began, her moans came out loud unlike how she did with her boyfriend. It was so mind blowing from the start and no matter how wide she opened her legs, it was useless against the thick meat. The man groaned uncontrollably to the small cunt and the overwhelming suction inside was forcing him to go faster.

Pete: ‘I am going faster k?’

She gave another cute face and a nod, resulting in an increase in speed her body had been waiting for. The lean masculine body pounding her was such a sight to look at, and the small body he was pounding made it so wrong to enjoy such a small girl. Zhong watched quietly in shame as he saw how his girl was enjoying the stranger’s dick more than his.

Pete had laid over Alice’s body and kissed on her neck as his hips moved, giving him a small chance to enhance the deal.

Pete (whispering): ‘Will you consider being my fling? I can offer you money and you can have it all to yourself. Don’t reply me, think about it first.’

After a few minutes of raging missionary, he gradually brought his pace to a stop and requested her to turn over. The exhausted girl took some time to get on her knees and her tiny butt stuck out at him, feet closed together so he could rip her pussy again.

He carefully stuck the tip in and gave her a forceful pump, shocking her legs apart as wide as his knees were. There was no more room for her to open any further, and she was going to get a taste of sweet, sex in this doggie style. The thick shaft once again ripped her vagina opened and he rammed his strong waist at her, clutching her waist that felt so ever soft and jelly-like. She had the perfect muscle-to-fat ratio that made her so tempting to feel.

The next five minutes was the wildest time she had feeling every part of her pussy getting raped by Pete, poking at her sensitive spots senseless and causing orgasms to fire randomly. His strong hands had kept her butt at his height and her rising and collapsing body did not slow him down a bit. Droplets of sweat landed on her back as he rammed her at incredible speed, so fast that he was thrown off his momentum at times.

Pete: ‘How many times did you cum?’
Alice (panting): ‘Seven?’
Pete: ‘Good. It’s my turn now.’
Alice (panting): ‘Wait. Where are you cumming?’
Pete: ‘Don’t worry. Not inside you.’

He gave her a few more deep thrusts and left her pussy. Lying against the headboard, he opened his legs and let her decide how she wanted to finish him off.

Alice (panting): ‘What do you prefer?’
Pete: ‘Hmm.. How did you end it with him?’

She turned to look at her smiling boyfriend and returned her attention to Pete. Still on her hands, she went down on him and took his dick into her mouth easier this time. Bouncing her head up and down, the man closed his eyes and gave the most heavenly look. He felt like a king in this little girl’s hand and her mouth was executing it even better. Her tongue was parked lightly under his shaft and her lips pressed around his girth so ever gently.

Pete: ‘How I wish you can do this forever. I’m cumming.’

A Mmm sound came from her busy mouth and he let his body loose. The milky sweet load splashed around her mouth and it went on for close to half a minute. After the last squirt came, she did a hard suck and pulled her mouth away, showing the mouthful of cum before swallowing it.

Alice: ‘This is how I ended each time with him.’

In his mind, he was jealous of Zhong who got to enjoy her anytime he wanted, but perhaps not for long now. He took out the agreed amount and handed it to Alice, whose hands were clean. The last request to help her dress up was fulfilled and another two blue notes went into her bra.

Pete: ‘Can I keep your panties?’
Zhong: ‘Of course you can. Give it to him Alice.’

She stripped the panties off sexily and placed it on the bed, as Pete shook the hand of Zhong and thanked him for giving him this chance. The couple left shortly after and a message came into Pete’s phone.

Alice (Whatsapp): ‘I won’t leave him. But I can be your fling.’
Pete (Whatsapp): ‘Deal.’

A knock came through his door and another girl looking as small as Alice entered with a cute smile, dropping her dress as soon as the door was closed. This is what money can do, and whether or not every girl has a price depends on how much is offered. Don’t you guys think so?