A New Dawn

Staplerman continues to explore poetry, writing his second attempt with much hope. After thinking about what to write, nothing but beautiful scenes appeared in my head. It will surely get rougher in future, but bear with the gentleness for now.

Each plot I came up with seems to unfold easier when I write in short. A lot of redundant details are left to imagination, but a new paragraph comes when the scene changes. It is truly an eye opener to think from a different view.

The orange sun,
shone upon her naked self.

Bringing light, to the dark,
but unseen by anyone else, only by touch.

A little flick on those pinky tips,
raised her chest with grassy air.

The very first,
for all her life.

A little flick between the slender thighs,
sent her squealing in delight.

The first tongue to ever taste,
gave her the softest feel on her naked mind.

A little flick on the delicate clit,
twitched her waist left and right.

Weathered fingers, rub her fast,
Weathered prints, rub her well.

A little twitch on her legs,
made her pretty toes, curl in aches.

Deep breaths filled her worthy lungs,
and exhaled an air of sexy groans.

The little death, greeted her,
the very first, by a foreign hand.

A fully grown length pleasured her,
mounted in packs of five, on either hand.

A little flick on her geesus spot,
sank her hips, into the silky sheets.

The untrained mind,
clicked unlock.

Sweaty palms, never stopped,
pumping bliss, into the warmest slot.

The little death, a new friend made,
with less unsure, and more in need.

Do it again, said the yearning voice,
a bigger death, draw her breaths.

First Working Night

Walking out of her house, Hazel adjusted her black spaghetti strap dress to make sure her panty-less butt was not exposed. It was her first night to work in a pub and the manager had requested her to come in whatever revealing clothes she could, so customers would be willing to tip her on top of her hourly basic pay. For a Malay girl who usually wore traditional clothes which covered most of her facial features, there was little worry about bumping into someone she knew. It was the first time she had gone underwearless, for the sake of earning a bit more that night.

The train ride was as uncomfortable as it could get with the evening crowd and she even felt a guy pressing his private parts on her ass, seemingly ‘normal’ with the sardine packed situation. For starter, she had remained silent about it and even let her body moved to the swerving of the train to grind the guy a little. Although it was merely for fun and getting used to being felt up, it was nothing compared to what she was about to go through.

Moments after she signed in to the lowly lit pub, Hazel was led into a room where two Chinese guys were drinking to the loud karaoke playing from the TV. The girls took one side each, sitting opposite each other while the guys remained side-by-side to smoke and clang their beer cups together.

Guy (shouting): ‘What’s your name?’
Hazel (whispering into ear): ‘Hazel. You?’
Guy (shouting): ‘Jacky. You look new here.’
Hazel (whispering into ear): ‘I am. Treat me well k?’

He gave her a thumbs up and poured her a glass of Bacardi mixed with Coke. Hazel had never taken alcohol in view of her religion but knew it was unavoidable in this line. She sipped a little and was pulled into Jacky’s arms, singing to the lyrics on the screen.

After a few glasses, she was getting tipsy and got more daring with him, sitting on his lap while she sang into the microphone. Jacky’s hands weren’t behaving as well, roaming up and down her thighs while his friend got busy with the other girl. He knew what was about to happen and sent a text to the manager, who quickly switched the room to a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and flipped the button to change the transparent glass door to an opaque setting.

With Hazel drunk and high on the L shaped couch, Jacky reached his hand under her skirt and took advantage of the situation, rubbing on her pussy that was warm with moisture. The other girl took things differently and was seen bent over his groin, sucking Jacky’s friend off while he rested his head lazily.

Under the blasting music and privacy of the room, the guys were free to do anything and the girls knew extra cash were going into their pockets – or bra. Seeing how the other girl was pleasing her client, Hazel whispered into Jacky’s ear and he undid his belt, lowering his pants just enough to expose his dick to her.

With only the experience of sucking one guy off, she jumped at the chance and engulfed his dick into her mouth. At first, the half-hard size confused her, but the knowledge of alcohol’s effect on a human body soon made her understood why. Holding a mouthful of the coke in her mouth, she went down on him again and he groaned excitedly, chugging on his beer while her lips stroked up and down his shaft.

Jacky (shouting): ‘You are good!’

Hearing that compliment, she gave him a few deep throat moves and pulled her mouth away to rinse the taste with the Bacardi mix. From the corner of her eyes, she watched how her partner bent over on the sofa and just stayed still, while the other guy did the rest of the work pulling her skirt up.

Hazel (whispering into ear): ‘I have never done it with other guys before, only my boyfriend.’
Jacky (shouting): ‘Don’t worry. It will only feel better with me.’

She climbed on the sofa and got into doggie, feeling the guy flipped her dress up and tugging the straps off her shoulders. After that, his penis tip stroked along her slit a few times to get the natural lubricant all over the necessary parts, and the first inch found its way into her. The stretching of her pussy was a little painful, but it disappeared as he let the rest of the length in, thrusting in controlled pace. In under a minute, his hips were banging against her butt and the adrenaline was pumping through her body to tune her hormones to the max.

Never did she expect to feel so good from another dick and the energetic guy rammed her senseless, enough to take away the guilt and doubts of her line of work. Halfway, he stopped and took a minute to roll a condom over his dick, bringing Hazel to the fact that she should have asked him to cap on before doing her. But what done was done, Jacky remembered it and went back to work after rolling it on, thrusting vigorously into his bonk of the night.

Once Hazel felt sore from the fierce fucking, she pleaded for him to stop and made him sit down. Her feet went beside his waist opened and she sat over his dick, which she had guided it inside her willingly. Making small hops over that erection, she squeezed her pussy tightly together and felt the huge rod brushing across all of her sensitive spots. Her friend was fast to follow her and the men fed on the twin bouncing breasts hungrily.

The girls were so high from fucking their customers that they held hands to maintain the same tempo, moaning and screaming from the orgasms their huge dicks were giving. Jacky was totally blown away by her enthusiasm that he felt satisfied even before cumming.

Jacky (shouting): ‘I am shooting!’
Hazel: ‘Wait wait.. a while more.. ‘

She landed hard on his lap and then hugged his face in her boobs, shaking uncontrollably as an orgasm drained the last bit of energy from her. Jacky was so close to cumming into her tight pussy but she did not trigger it yet, lasting enough for a little surprise from her.

She got up slowly and kneeled between his feet, ripping the condom away to caress it.

Hazel: ‘Where do you think I will let you cum?’
Jacky: ‘On your breasts?’

She tugged the dick downwards and sent it into her mouth, holding it within and twirled on the tip with her tongue. Her puffing and collapsing cheeks created a blowjob effect and as she took his balls in her hand, she was timing for the final moment. The three minutes of weird oral cost him blue balls, and just as he was getting desperate, she sank her lips right down to his base and initiated the few shallow strokes of deep throat.

Jacky screamed out ‘fuck fuck!’ and his hips jerked forward for the first load to flood her mouth. Hazel kept his dick in with a light suck and felt the pressure in her mouth being relieved by the erupting cock. After the last drop was vacuumed dry, the following tease of her tongue on his pee hole drove him crazy enough to pull her away.

Keeping her in his arms, she stroked his shrinking rod until it had went back behind his foreskin.

Guy: ‘Jacky, had a lot of fun huh? Lucky bastard.’

As he said that to him, the girl appointed to Jacky’s friend was still sucking him off, clearing his chamber in mere seconds after the sentence. The men bumped their fists together and the girls helped their customers got dressed.

Jacky: ‘I will usually ask to bring the girls home. But for you, you’ve really satisfied me unlike the others. I admit I am too tired for anymore sex tonight.’

The men took out their wallets and Hazel received a few more pieces of blue notes from Jacky. Her friend went home with the other guy and Jacky left the room alone. Her manager came in after the customers paid their bills and congratulated her on her first night.

Manager: ‘So how much did you earn?’

Remembering that she had not checked, she counted the wad of notes and raised four fingers. For a beginner, four hundred dollars was a lot, and the manager let her rest in one of the staff’s room until the first bus started service.

Manager: ‘Will I see you again tonight?’
Hazel: ‘Yeah. But I’ll come later. I want to sleep more so I can handle work later.’
Manager: ‘Good good. Have a good rest at home.’

She went home on bus and let the other few male passengers looked up her dress as she slept on the journey, bra and dress straps all falling off her shoulders to add to the visual feast of the men aboard.

For Hazel, she had taken her first step to lead a separate lifestyle apart from her religious family, and stocked up money in huge amounts every night of her job. As for how long can someone last in this line, I would safely say that no matter the girl’s age, there would always be a market of men for them.

Now, can you guys spot which of your female friends have double lifestyle that you will never imagine them to have?

4 Cameras for your own Homemade AV

At times, we wish to immortalise the intimate moments with our loved ones, and it isn’t practical to hire a production company to make that 20 minutes plus clip with Red-Camera level gears. While the ‘permission to film’ has been cleared, it is now up to the convenience, portability and simplicity of film processing to make such an activity fun and sustainable.

Staplerman has his own private collection, but during the course of making them, he had spent quite a bit on getting the gears right. Yupp. The whole jizz is to get the gears right, not just the right gears.

While Spielberg and Michael Bay has tons of camera knowledge, there are only two methods to ‘frame’ in consensual film making. First, it’s the type that I do NOT recommend at all. It’s the well-known ‘FPV – First Person View’. You do not have 99-axis camera stabilisers, you do not have aperture 0.8 lens, and you do not have surgical-grade hands.

Shaky videos that makes you regret, jerking motion that makes you giddy, face-no-face scenes that makes you wonder about your existence. Heck, you aren’t even tempted to watch them again. We are amateur film makers, and it’s time to admit that.

Second, called ‘FPOV – Fixed Point-of-View’ (with the Ohh). You go behind the camera for a few seconds, angle it right, and then start your foreplay. It cuts out the disturbing handshakes and wobbly scenes. Though it might not capture any up-close image for your medical research, it is definitely presentable and non-intrusive to watch over and over again.

While the two types of cinematography is still done to this date, it is the gears that determine the ease of doing them. So, without further ado, let’s look at our options.

4. DSLRs

C’mon, let’s face it. If you are using a video-enable DSLR, you will be spending more time framing it than getting it on with your partner. Not only you are limiting your locations to just ‘in bed’, it is actually quite unnerving to have that huge lens right in your face.

I highly doubt the guys will be shy (since they are holding it), but the ladies! No one can perform naturally in front of JAV-style equipments. They certainly do not intend to become your porn stars, making it way harder to get in the mood.

Besides that, storage space. In 4k resolution, are you seriously going to have a NAS storage system set up just to hold a few video clips? Don’t you find the huge, black piece of camera a bother to set up, and it irks your eyes? What about battery life? Shutter life? Please ditch this idea.

3. Mobile Phones

IMG_20150723_085426 (Custom)

While technology has been kind to us, the difference in quality from a mobile phone and a basic point-and-shoot still appeals to pixel enthusiasts. The ‘Ultra Wide Angle’ feature of your phone sounds awesome until you see cropped heads in your videos.

Not only it cannot stand on its own, your 100-people Whatsapp group chat IS going to shake your camera for you. Low light performance? Don’t tell me you are going to use the Sunlight-grade LED to ‘light up’ your night life. There’s no Meitu for videos.

One big concern is the battery life, which is even shorter than DSLR. Designed for calls and texting, the camera is only good for photos that you will apply heavy filters to. NOT videos!

Still, tons of people use their phones to record, and they have spent years refining their skills. If you want to use it, make sure you practice a lot. Don’t be the noob that is as confused as your phone when the time comes.

2. Point-and-Shoot (Compact cameras)

IMG_20150723_085302 (Custom)

This is probably the second best camera you can use for your sexy clips. Decent resolution, made for mediocre video and photo taking, it IS still my most used item in the bedroom. Both FPV and FPOV works with point-and-shoots, giving you ok quality at the end of the day.

Don’t you just love how you can take photos while banging? Luckily, there are high-end cameras in this size, with DSLR technologies in them. Invest in one today.

1. Action Cam!

IMG_20150723_085243 (Custom)

The latest introduction to my range of cameras (not just for erotic uses) is SJ4000 by SJCam. I bought it for under S$130, and it comes with underwater housing (bathtime!) and about 18 other add-ons. I have imported headmounts, lens protector, tripod mount adapters just for this camera.

The photo I took of the SJCam above is how I store it normally. No padded casing, no screen protectors (let’s just get past the dirty screen thingy). Just a lens protector, in a plastic, corner-frame, on a quick-release clip. I am currently waiting for a flat base mount/ adapter to put on my flexible tripod permanent.

Quality-wise, it’s like a vehicle dashcam, but ultra wide angle at 170 degrees. Video res can hit 1080FHD, but recommended to go for 720P. You’re not intending to play them on your living room screen right?

I know it looks like a pussy given it’s size and specs, but wait till you finish this whole paragraph. When I settled on SJCam, I want it to be portable and tiny. Small enough to get out of the way of my girl’s insecurities, but big enough to capture proper footage.

My main concern with storing such media is their file sizes. Camcorders, DSLRs, compact cameras, makes great videos, but I wouldn’t be able to store them easily without looking at external HDD. Then you’ll go ‘Staplerman! You know you can select a lower resolution under ‘Settings’?’ right?

With a flexible tripod, I can mount it anywhere. With the underwater housing, who knows what we might do in the bathtub? I just don’t want it to be an eyesore. She shouldn’t be worried about how she looks on camera, I’m the person she should be focusing on!

The Wifi version I got allows me to frame the shot through my phone (via an app), effectively turning it into a ‘on-and-forget’ recorder in the corner. Heck, she even helped angled it while I gave instructions. Teehee!

The main objective of making your own videos is to reminisce your most intimate moment with her. Not to be troubled by screen sizes, resolution (lower is acceptable), or missed shots. I admire a person as a whole, to the point the kisses we had, the in-face whispering (probably inaudible), the minor movements she makes when I enter her, are what makes my film erotic.

Wide angle captures our full bodies, fat or slim. Decent pictures remind us of each other, looking shag or not. Honestly, the ladies DO get wet looking at their own sex clips, and they can easily convince themselves to put on your sick costumes for memory’s sake (in front of a small camera).

While hidden cameras exist, it is NEVER ethical to film anyone without their permission. Doing it with mutual consent undo the normal restraints we have on ourselves, letting the playful side appear for the short clip. She might make you groan louder, make you struggle harder, ride you faster – just for you.

Things do get more intense with a camera around, but do not try to do it secretly. Your weird angles and unusual actions will give you away. You wouldn’t want to know what’s the sentence in Women’s Charter against your crimes.

Also, if you cannot keep data secure in your computer, your girls have the rights to reject you upfront. Phones, cameras, portable storage medias, they do require a level of responsibility if you are keeping your nudes in them. Bottomline? Don’t risk it, not even you can handle the consequences if they end up in the wrong hands.

Feel free to ask me anything about the cameras I mentioned above! I have functioning film cameras, DSLRs, compacts, phones, but just one Action Cam. Well, they are named ‘ActionCam’ for a reason right?

Cute Kitty

While waiting for my clothes to be done, the usual brown black cat came and meowed at me, luring me over with its cuteness. Naturally, I went to pet it and sat at the entrance of the 24 hours laundry shop, accompanying my companion for the thirty minutes plus of waiting. Just as I was about to pour some water out for it, a girl who seemed too young came and squatted in front of me, stroking the cat excitedly as it lapped the water up from the cap.

Girl: ‘Is she yours?’
Me: ‘Nope. I usually pet it when I wash my clothes. And it will just lay lazily like now.’
Girl: ‘It’s so cute!’
Me: ‘I know right. The weakness we have to its meowing.’

The girl laughed as I spurted the word ‘meowing’, and continued running her hand through the cat’s fur. Given that tiny black FBT shorts she wore, the yellow coloured panties were showing itself between her legs, with the rest of her thighs exposed sexily up to her hips. My vision was alternating between the cat and her, enjoying the midnight treat my eyes were getting.

In under a minute, her shifting body actually let slipped her crotch and adjusted the shorts to a side, revealing the smooth cameltoe plastered by her panties. My dick reacted accordingly, erecting a huge hard on against my underwear-less shorts, all the time with me sitting with my knees up. Her glancing eyes soon saw my awkwardness and came to my side, almost leaning on me to reach the cat.

The position she took up beside be almost caused me to jizz in my pants, cause the low cut tank top she wore was leading my eyes down her cleavage, adding to the fragrance coming from her.

Me: ‘What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘I’m Daphne, you can just call me Daph.’
Me: ‘Alright. I’m K, live around here. You like cats huh?’
Daphne: ‘Yeah! A lot! This cat never fails to stop me. It’s so friendly.’
Me: ‘Just like you?’
Daphne: ‘A little?’

We pet the little kitty for a while more before it took off through the fences of the community centre next to us. Having her time exhausted for the de-stressing pet-loving, she got up and I was ready to head back to my clothes, disappointed at the lack of ‘happening’ with this cute looking neighbour.

Daphne: ‘How long more before your clothes are done?’
Me: ‘Oh. It’s just done. I’ll need to fold them before heading home.’
Daphne: ‘Let me help you?’

She joined me in folding the hot clothes that came out of the dryer and we were done in less than five minutes. Holding one of my two plastic bags, she went in the direction of the community centre and I stopped her, since it was not headed for my home.

Daphne: ‘Forgot to ask.. do you want to find the cat and accompany it?’
Me: ‘But the CC is closed.’
Daphne: ‘I just live behind it. And I know a way in.’

Oh really? And why would she want to go to such a dark place with a stranger? Those thoughts were pointless as I had already followed behind her, watching that small, tight ass swaying left and right as she walked. It was pure lust and hope that led me to do as she suggested, quite a despo huh?

We climbed over a small gate that I too, knew of but gave her the benefit of doubt, scaling it easier than she did. We meowed for a while aimlessly, avoiding the public areas and was disappointed at the no-show of the kitty. By the time she decided to stop, I was in no mood for any action and wanted to head home.

Daphne (whispering): ‘I think its here!’

Walking around the corner, we found ourselves in a secluded part of the centre, where no lights could reach. Trained to see in the dark (thanks to National Service), I saw her standing very still, hands roaming everywhere for something to hold. Being a gentleman, I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me, where she turned 180 degrees and dived into my arms.

Daphne (whispering): ‘You are in no hurry right?’
Me (whispering): ‘No. But you don’t know me.’
Daphne (whispering): ‘I know. But I am turned on by such a fit guy petting a little cat with so much gentleness. You can be gentle to me too right?’
Me (whispering): ‘Let’s find out then.’

Like two sex-starved kids, we undid our own shorts and placed it on a wooden table, before jumping into each other’s arms and kissed. The situation was so intense that she stripped her top as I explored her body, surprising me with that braless state. Feeling up her boobs, a pair of hardened nipples welcomed my warm hands and I pinched on them relentlessly, causing her to moan while her hands searched for my long rod.

Daphne (whispering): ‘Someone is hard.’
Me (whispering): ‘And someone is wet.’

My fingers ran along her slit as she jerked me, competing to see who would give in first. Her widening legs gave me the advantage as I rubbed furiously on her clit, until she hugged me moaning ‘you win, you win’. A soft, shiver went through her body and she patted on the table our clothes were on.

Daphne (whispering): ‘Sit here.’

A little hop placed my butt on the cold, stiff wood and she used the attached plank (as seats) to climb on top of me, lowering herself in a squatting position. Right as she made the last bounce to fully insert my dick into her, a meow came and she smiled at the unexpected audience.

Me (whispering): ‘Think she can see us?’
Daphne (whispering): ‘I think she will only hear you pleasing my little pussy.’

The tireless grinding began and I was thrown aback onto my arms to support my body. Her hips were rolling up and down so fast that my tip was screaming with oversensitivity. As a guy, I lost all control and sat right up, hugging her while I got off the table. Whatever she tried to do, it was too much for me to bear and I had to give up.

I bent her over the table and spread her legs with my feet. Thereafter, a vengeful thrust sank my dick deep into her and her arms reached for the edge of the table to hang onto. Pounding fiercely, a sudden urge came to just please this pussy with my might drove me faster and harder, at the same time she moaned that I was getting bigger inside of her.

Slamming our hips together non-stop, the girl was mumbling to herself as her mind was overpowered. Delighted at my conquer, I angled my waist upwards and slowed down to reach her sensitive spots. Under ten strokes, her pussy was squeezing me tight already and the trembling soon intensified to a convulsion.

I know that she was alright, and probably could take more of me. So I pushed her body down onto the table and continued ramming that gasping cunt of hers, pumping it so hard that her body never stopped jerking.

Daphne (whispering): ‘I can’t.. take it.. any.. ‘
Me (whispering): ‘Just hang in there. I’m cumming.’

I gave her the last few powerful thrusts I could afford and backed away from her, jumping onto the table and kneeled in front of her. The drained girl took her time to place her knees on the table in doggie, and I sat down so she could reach.

Her mouth made my pink rod disappear in the darkness and her head went up and down, slurping saliva and sucking me hard. It had took us almost five minutes before I felt the cumming sensation. A soft whisper of ‘shooting’ came out of me and she let her head fall on my groin, letting my dick slip into her throat.

That last pump erupted my volcano and the white hot lava flooded down her throat, where the series of contraction in her mouth started to channel the lava into her gastric. Seeing that she had no strength left to move, I flipped to the side and let my dick glide out of her mouth after I was done.

Resting on her back, Daphne panted heavily and her pink tongue licked her lips. Watching that satisfied girl was one thing, and ending the night for her was another. I went between her opened legs and perched her feet on my shoulders, going down on her with my unused tongue. Flicking her clit up and down, her body responded with extra juices and her heaving breaths was filled with moans.

Finally, a last burst of energy moved my tongue so fast that her thighs suddenly clamped down on my head, immobilising me while a stream of clear liquid exited. Although I had said that it was pitch dark, the lights in the distance managed to reflect off her leaking pussy and the river flowed for some time.

Picking herself up, I gave her the space to get dressed and we snuck out of the community centre the way we entered, not forgetting to give the quiet watching cat a pat on its head.

Daphne: ‘It was intense. I haven’t felt like that before.’
Me: ‘Your first time with a stranger? I had fun myself too.’
Daphne: ‘Not with a stranger, with a guy. I.. actually.. you took my virginity tonight.’
Me: ‘Serious.. I didn’t mean to. I should have asked.’
Daphne: ‘Hey look, it’s not your fault. I kinda initiated it too. And I have no regrets.’

I gave a sigh of relieve and she leaned in for a peck on my cheeks. She handed me her phone and I punched my number in with a smile on my face that just would not go away.

Daphne: ‘Call me when you are around here again k?’
Me (laughing): ‘It will be every night then.’
Daphne: ‘If you have the energy!’

Fleeting Moment

Well, this IS the first time Staplerman has attempted poetry, so please be gentle with the comments. ‘Literature’, referring to the secondary school subject, has never appealed to me, like at all. My teachers focus a lot on deciphering what the authors meant, but never brought my attention to see the books/ passages as a whole.

Haiku and poems sounded like ‘they must rhyme’. Either that, or too high a level for mere mortals like me. Somewhat ‘toastmaster grade’, whatever that means. After a quick search on the types of poetry, I realised I haven’t really seen the world.

Yes, there are less words. And it means I need to widen my vocabulary, since perfection and concision (concise) are the keys to write anything decent. On this journey to pick up poetry, I have ignored the word limits and paragraph counts for a start. I will find a style most comfortable to write in, to fit the beautiful concept of erotic poetry.

Shut up, he said, and she bit her lips,
to mute her cries, from the bulky meat.
The thrusting dick grew hard with time,
taking her pain with outmost pleasure.

Helpless unlike before,
there was no undoing her err.
Black skirt rises, dark cock pounds.

The gentleness was gone,
in her former self,
disappearing to the merciless thrusts.

Grunts and groans showed her his beast within,
forceful strokes wasting her breaths away.
The tingle of pleasure,
awakens in the sorrows of a beautiful.

Chaffed on shoulders, bruises on tits,
he didn’t gave so much a thought about her fits.
The sobs from her pretty lips,
came like cheers from a wrestling match.

To win is to cum,
into the lifeless gap,
twitching away, from unknown zaps.

Tiny cuts, lined her palms,
and bigger strokes, ache her vag.
Bleeding nails, fought with pride,
but powerless, in his strides.

Faster he went, against the begging pleas.
The fight against the invader, gave him please.
Cumming! He growled, and crawled, from the bear.

Scraping her knees to the reddish flesh,
brought her back to the tireless hips.

Hot life streams, from within,
unready, for child baring.
He was done, and she was gone.

Nothingness, filled her void,
already empty of any love.

Inspired by the witty Mel, who got to write a poem before me.

Right Before Work

It wasn’t everyday that I reached work early and spent some time sitting outside the shop looking around aimlessly. Just then, a familiar couple stopped in front of me and I recognised them immediately from their frequent visits.

Lady: ‘Not open yet?’
Me: ‘So sorry about it. I think they closed late last night.’
Girl: ‘We can come back later.’
Me: ‘Actually I can open the shop I won’t be able to run it alone.’
Lady: ‘Oh. We are in no hurry. You can take your time.’

I unlocked the glass door and let them in, starting up the air conditioning while cleaning up the front of the house. In fifteen minutes, I was done and served their drinks shortly after, since being regulars, I knew what they liked.

They invited me to join them after requesting me to lock the doors, as I won’t be able to manage if more customers entered. With a mug of iced cold beer, we sat deeper in the shop where no one would see, and they chatted about my work at this place.

When I first saw them as walk in customers, the mother and daughter were dressed very sexily, totally unexpected that she would allow her girl to wear such clothes. A few times they visited, the slimmed waist mum wore a chiffon low cut top and a layered black floral skirt, so short that anyone walking up the stairs behind them would be able to see what’s underneath. The daughter was mostly in her school uniform, except for weekends, when she would join her mum in short skirts and revealing tops.

This time, she wore a pair of jeans but her daughter, whose name was Felicia after I learnt through some conversation, was in a flaring denim skirt that almost exposed her butt cheeks. Indeed, it was hard to concentrate and the causal sitting position often brought her skirt so dangerously high. After a while, the mum received a call and she left in a hurry, shoving a few pieces of ten dollar notes into Felicia’s hand.

Now, all that’s left was just her and I, sharing the mug of beer since her mother wasn’t around. I did not wait for her to invite me to sit beside her and joined shamelessly, ready to be shunted away if she did not like it. But instead of distancing herself, we sat closer until our legs were touching.

Felicia: ‘How nice to have a cafe just to chill out at right?’
Me: ‘Well, from a business point of view, it’s money going down the drain.’
Felicia: ‘I’m still paying for my drinks!’
Me: ‘I know. Boss just texted me, that we’re only opening in the evening. Means I’ll have to be alone for at least a few hours.’
Felicia: ‘Not exactly, you can sleep or do anything you want.’

We cocked about what could I do and unknowingly, a slip of my tongue blurted out, ‘We can have some kinky fun’. The girl’s eyes opened wide and almost seemed excited. She excused herself to the loo and shouted through the opened doors, asking me to go over.

Felicia: ‘Is here discreet enough?’

Standing in front of her, I stepped forward close enough to take a whiff of her scent, and the slight tremor in her eyelids told me she was breathing me in too.

Me: ‘Discreet enough for? You have to be clearer.’

Her hands went around my neck and a little tiptoe lifted her high enough to peck on those sweet, young lips. We kissed without worries until her fingers dug into my belt, undoing the straps to free it. Her skirt needed no unbuttoning as it went easily down her legs with just a push, and that silky thin panties was all that stands between our intimate beginning.

Me (whispering): ‘Won’t your mum hate me?’
Felicia: ‘Let’s not get started on the men she brings home.’
Me: ‘Won’t your dad find out?’
Felicia: ‘He has his fair share of women too.’

I was at a loss of what to say, for anything that follows might cause more harm than good. Returning my attention to her, I ran my hands under her shirt to the pair of developing boobs. The smooth padding unlike a clothed bra was what I knew as ‘NuBra’, dropping onto the floor with just a peel. I cupped my hands over her tits and felt her hands roaming into my jeans, feeling up my butt.

Me (whispering): ‘Let me take my jeans off.’

She backed off and let me step out of the pants, before her hand quickly grabbed onto my snake. On such long days, I would usually wear a more comfortable underwear, since a smooth material would prevent abrasion too. Within minutes of her teasing, I was lowering my underwear for her hand and her skirt was high at her waist too. I couldn’t wait any longer to get into those panties that felt so soft.

We made out for a while more and I was asked to sit on the toilet, given a little show of her pulling her skirt so it wouldn’t get in the way. As she climbed over my legs, I watched her spread those pink pussy lips in preparation for me.

Me: ‘You’re not a virgin right?’
Felicia: ‘No. I do have an active sex life with my boyfriend.’

Wasting no time, she sat over my rod and the tightness just caused me to lose my composure. The entry was like shoving my dick into a tiny rubber hole and the juices that came out of it seemed like it was just waiting for me to unleash itself.

While she began riding my cock, I sucked at her nipples in response, creating moans in the steamy single cubicle. After some time, I could see the tiredness in her eyes and got her to stand up, over the sink in front of the mirror.

Pushing her back forward, I separated her feet and rammed my dick in, turned on by the thought of fucking someone else’ girlfriend. But it wasn’t my fault too, there must be something missing that she had approached me so daringly for it. Ramming deep at the same time, her boobs were still in my hands, squeezed to a pulp.

All I could hear were her voice moaning another guy’s name, while she held my hands over her breasts. With time getting nearer to the delayed opening hours, I increased my speed regardless of her pleas and shoved myself so mercilessly hard at her pussy.

Finally, the moment of truth came and I slowed down, exiting just in time before the trigger was pulled.

Felicia: ‘Why did you stop?’
Me: ‘I’m cumming?’

The panting girl sat on the toilet and grudgingly reached for my dick, ready to empty the rifle. Standing in front of her, I closed my eyes as she planted a kiss at the tip, very slowly pushing her mouth down my shaft. The contrasting temperature really did made me harder as the door was left opened with cold air circulating, and her mouth simply placed my vital organ into a 36.5 degree bath.

A little groan left my mouth as she sucked deeper, letting her tonsils stroke the penis head. Felicia was good with her tongue as it swirled non-stop as she pulled my dick out. I was already in a deep trance when she sucked harder, urging me to give her the warning as I froze up.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey.. I’m about to cum.’
Felicia: ‘Ja.. Shoo.. ‘

Somewhat, the noise made sense and I relaxed my balls, letting her take control and milk it. Within a minute, the thick, yummy mayonnaise came spurting out and her cheeks puffed up, only to start swallowing as soon as she realised her lips might just give way.

Thankfully, there was no mess as I squeezed my last drop out, sending her to the sink to rinse her mouth.

Felicia: ‘It tasted like coffee!’
Me: ‘Yeah. I drank quite a bit yesterday.’
Felicia (whispering): ‘And I love coffee.. ‘

We exited the toilet after we cleaned up and she returned to her phone which was buzzing to a Whatsapp message.

Mum (Whatsapp): ‘Had fun?’

Felicia’s reply of ‘:P’ shortened the conversation and she went to the car parked on the double zigzag lines outside the shop. Her mum gave me a wave and I nodded in reply.

Then on, she frequent the shop more often before the opening hours or right before closing and we had tons of fun trying out at the various spots where most people would say ‘impossible’.

That was where she knew of Asumi, whom also visited once in a while at approximately the same time. Guess what happened to the three of us?