Sister’s Darker Side

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Mei, can I borrow your laptop? I can’t seem to read my external hard disk.’
Sister (Whatsapp): ‘Okay. Just leave it on after you finish.’

I fired her laptop up and waited anxiously for it to boot. My hard disk containing years of work could not be accessed and it was driving me crazy. After her new laptop started, I went about extracting all my data for another older HDD that I had. Almost 100GB of information needed to be transferred and it estimated to take two hours. Slightly relieved that her laptop could read it fine, I closed all the folders in case she wanted to use it.

Just before I closed the LED screen, a number of thumbnails caught my attention. They were video files in low quality but had their backgrounds similar to each other. I took my chances and clicked on one of them, only to see myself in my room, angled at my bed where I had my ‘private’ moments. I was lost at what she had been doing! I rushed to my room to check the various corners and found the alarm clock she gave me when I changed my job, still in recording mode.

Having nothing to do then, I waited for her to return home before I question her. Standing at the door, I didn’t wait for her to put her bags down before interrogating her. She was in her usual outfit of a thin white shirt that covered her FBT shorts, translucent enough to see her black bra.

Me: ‘Are you filming me secretly?’
Sister: ‘Shit.. yes. I didn’t mean it.’
Me: ‘Why did you do it? And you still let me use your laptop?’
Sister: ‘Please don’t tell mum about it. Can? I.. I have been fantasising about you. There is no way to get closer to you because we are siblings, so I thought borrowing my laptop to you will make things easier.’
Me: ‘Oh.. It definitely did. At least I learnt something today.’
Sister: ‘Are you mad?’
Me: ‘No.. at least I’m a guy and have nothing to lose.’

She came towards me and hugged me, apologising for her silly moves. I didn’t want to ruin our relationship since it had caused no damage, and wanted to let her know I still loved her as much. After all, she’s just a year younger than me and did all those because of me.

After wiping her tears away, she looked at her screen to see that 2 hour timer on the transfer window. And once she stored those videos into a folder, she went into her room. I remained seated at her laptop, still a little lost to how should I counsel her. She appeared a few minutes later in just that top, short-less and came right to me, sitting on my lap.

Me: ‘Why? Want to make your fantasies come true ah?’
Sister: ‘How I wished.’

She grabbed my hands and placed it around her waist, wrapping her shirt to over my hands warm her tummy. Her panties were directly under my palm and I could feel the softness of the material. And her body, was as toned as how I imagined her to be after all that yoga. Unsuspectingly, I tickled her stomach and slid my hands upwards, moving towards her bra.

Me: ‘Thought you usually don’t wear bra at home?’
Sister: ‘But this shirt is so thin.’
Me: ‘Want me to help you take it off?’

She reached her arms to her back and snapped the hooks apart, removing her bra under her shirt. I knew where this was going and continued to shift my hands. In a few seconds, I was over her B cups and massaging them in my palms, accidentally pinching her nipples a few times.

Sister: ‘Kor.. You are turning me on.’
Me: ‘Shhh.. ‘

I slipped my hand into her panties after she opened her legs over mine, allowing more space for my fingers to move. I used both my hands to split those soft lips apart and went to tease her clit, where juices had already moistened that area.

Me: ‘How often do you think about me?’
Sister: ‘All the time? But I get super wet when you walk around in just your boxers. My mind just keep imagining what is under it.’

I kept rubbing her till she got too restless to stay on top, and got her heated body off me. Climbing under the computer desk, she sat between my legs and helped me removed my boxers. As soon as they were off my feet, she held my hard rod in her hands and started exploring it, rubbing her thumb all over to find where it made me groan.

Sister: ‘Can I taste it?’
Me: ‘If you want.’

She switched her legs to a kneel and placed her head on my thigh, kissing it and caressing with her manicured fingers. I had always been fascinated by her ponytail look, especially with that blonde highlight on her hair. It made her looked so innocent and sporty. Her mouth finally went over my dick with a long stroke down to my base and it really took my breath away.

There was no sense of impatience as she sucked me in long strides, up and down, making sure to wet every area. I could only hang onto the edge of the table as she bobbed her head faster, moaning for the sound effects.

Me: ‘Mei, you can stop le. I can’t take it anymore.’

She returned to my lap and grinded her ass over my rod, turning me on so much that I just want to rip those panties away. Instead, she took my hands and stretched the sides of her underwear opened for me to put my fingers in, and I slid the pair of seamless undies off her long legs with ease.

I kept my body slouched on the office chair while she closed her feet, sitting herself carefully over my rod. At first, we could not get it in her tight pussy, but a little spread of her knees made things easier and she went fully down on me before shutting her legs again, embracing my cock in her pussy.

A soft moan came from her and she wriggled her ass to tease me further, making me harder inside her.

Sister: ‘Kor.. you are bigger than I imagined.’
Me: ‘And you showed me what is tight.’

We stayed in that position while she grinded me, clicking on those video files to watch me masturbate. Soon, I was overwhelmed by the desire to just pound her hard and stood up, knocking the chair against the wall as I positioned her butt at me. She continued watching the video as I held her waist, shoving my dick in deep and fast.

Her loose shirt had nothing underneath and my hands went to fondle her breasts while her pussy clenched around my dick. It was so hot and steamy that the air-conditioning was powerless against our raging lust.

After just a few minutes, she stopped the video and I took a break as well. We rushed over to her bed and she laid on her back, legs spread for me to plug it back in. I went in missionary on top and continued ramming my cock, while she hugged me tightly whispering ‘I love you’. Her knees were kept in the air while I picked my body up, speeding up using the smoothness of her bedsheets under my knees.

Jabbing her at high-speed, her moans changed to groans as an orgasm drained her consciousness, suffocating my dick as she came. Doing it raw had its perks and cons, I had finally felt what it is like to be perfectly fitting (since we came out of the same mum), but because of that, I couldn’t last much longer.

I kept up my speed thrusting at her until she felt the throbbing in my dick getting stronger. I pulled out of her and sat on my butt, leaning at the foot of the bed while she crawled to my groin. Dropping her head down my shaft, she deep throated me at a fast pace, letting her tongue do the job to stroking my base.

True enough, it did not take long before I lost control and held her head down, jerking my hips right into her mouth. The hot splashes of cum went down her throat and she swallowed non-stop, further milking me of every last drop. I let go of her as soon as it was ending, but she did not pull her mouth away, and kept gagging on my dick.

When she finally gave up, I was breathless from the excruciating sensation of being emptied till empty. I opened my arms and she jumped right in, cuddling me with pecks on my neck. Still turned on, she played with my shrinking dick and asked if it would be interested to do it again tonight. It was only then when I remembered our parents won’t be home that evening, and I kissed her forehead silently.

Sister: ‘Kor.. I want to do it with you everyday.’
Me: ‘So do I. From now on, whenever we are alone, no panties for you and no boxers for me. Deal?’
Sister: ‘Deal!’

With that, she went down on me again, doing CPR to my dick until it was fully awakened and we went for another two rounds before dinner.


Hello people! Just because you’re here reading my site, I’m going to tell you something that I wished only the right people would know. Cause it’s going to make you somewhat attractive as hell. The best thing is, it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl! Strong language incoming.

Okay. To all those assholes who have been posting on every social media in existence that you are horny, wants to fuck, up for flings, fuck you. Also, to those who feel lonely because the people you are there for, weren’t there when you need them, shut up already.

I am going to grant you guys one word after I get this off my chest, but first, a little history of this ‘realisation’. There has been one too many people out there who are feeling unfair one way or another. The sense of void, loneliness, helplessness, desperate urges, we are all going through that. We are bombarded with so much influence that everyone is needy around us, we accidentally look at ourselves and feel the same.

Are we the same? Are you the same? Right. Of course you’re not! (Since you’re here). The one big thing that differentiate men from real men, is strength. So, the word is STRONG. Yes, be strong. I know you are feeling miserable that no one loves you, but don’t you love anyone? Be strong for them!

We all feel down once in a while, and making it known to everyone who cares about you actually makes you look fucking weak. It doesn’t matter how many hours you are strong that you get to feel weak. You aren’t supposed to be weak in their eyes. For people who don’t know you yet, do you want to appear weak to them?

Your needy needs, please keep it to yourself. Come up with something strong, confident, inspirational and let it tell the story of you. No one really wants to be your listening ear to what made you feel shitty. Let them WANT to be with you because you are strong, stronger than them. If you haven’t realised, friendships that come about from pity or sympathy sucks. Everyone is depending on everyone that no one feels strong anymore. If someone is toppling like a loose piece of domino, be the fucking wall that keeps them from falling onto their friends and loved ones.

If their friends and families feel that you are dependable, would they oppose your involvement with him/ her? Imagine you’re a fucking train wreck, who would want to be near you? Much less fulfil your needs. Thing is, be the one to fulfil others’ needs, and show that you can handle your own needs and shit, they will be closer to you before you realised.

In case you still haven’t got the jizz of this entry, just be strong. Or stronger. People asked you to be there not because you’re nice or rich or useful. They think you are stronger than them who couldn’t be there for themselves! Okay. Maybe not that serious but don’t count on those who asked you to be there to be there. You – fucking stand firm on your feet and be there for those who need you whenever.

Now, does it seem unfair that you’re there but they’re not? Good. Keep feeling unfair and no one wants to be around you. For fuck’s sake, accept that life is unfair. And you’ll be the first to be fair to everyone else. You can be the person to go to when everyone is crumbling. Just imagine how fucking awesome is that. The rock hard pillar. ;)

Whew. Okay. Everything is out. Lesson learnt, lesson shared. It’s up to you guys now.

Image: Mishap


Guys, it has been great so far to receive all the emails and feedback about the photos posted here. Apparently, there are some confusion about what should anyone do to access them. Well, for one, the photos are for sale. It’s some sort of partnership with Staplerman to put more content on his site while I get to ‘show myself off’. ;) Besides that, I also got some response related to morality, legality and other issues. From what I see, this isn’t exactly a ‘family’ site. I personally see this as a art place, especially for Staplerman who has expressed himself for more than 6 years. That’s a lot of dedication. As for me, it’s just fun and games. The website, CummyBare, will cease to exist, and everything will be run from here.

With love,
Risa (contact)

Dancing Trail

The little finger dance, across your burly chest.
Not exactly firm, with a bit of fats.
She walks them down your ribs, right over your heart.

The little trimmed nails cut, leaving marks on your skin.
Not exactly deep, but enough for you to want more of it.
Going down the bouncy tum, hopping over the belly port.

The little prints slide, disturbing your furry pubes.
Not exactly a tickle, it restyled your hairs.
Slithering like many snakes, constricting your lengthy stick.

The little squeezing grips, shifting blood into it.
Not exactly tight, just right for your thoughts.
Shifting up and down, drawing breaths away.

The little speed increase, drives you craving deep.
Not exactly exhilarate, but depraves you of air.
Slurping hungrily, she watches you in grin.

The little rub on the tip, nudges you over the edge.
Not exactly hard, and it releases your pent-up-urge.
Generously coating her hand, a smile satisfy her goals.

The little jerk for the last, drains you of them all.
Not exactly awake, she kept you alive.
The graceful mouth approaches, taking all the cum away.

The little pat on the little him, showed you her love for him.
Not exactly lust, a goodnight kiss ensued.
She cuddles into your arms, for her rewarding crush.

The Innocent S

LindaMichelle: ‘Thanks for your help. So sorry to trouble you so late in the night. I don’t know why my iBanking isn’t working.’
Me: ‘It’s okay. How’s everything now? Is the money helping?’
LindaMichelle: ‘Yeah. Slowly fixing.’

We walked along the busy road along Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 towards the park behind the station and I had to admit I couldn’t let my eyes off the short red skirt she wore. Her top was body hugging, translucent white that did not even bother to hide the black bra she wore under, and that skirt, it was elegant and flirty at the same time, having a couple of layers right at the hems to make it appealing.

LindaMichelle: ‘I haven’t met anyone except you when my iBanking failed. It just feels safer to meet another writer I guess.’
Me: ‘Don’t mention. Glad you don’t find me intimidating from what I write.’
LindaMichelle: ‘How can it be? Your stories do turn me on.’

We went up the long flight of stairs with me behind, catching glimpse under her skirt that was too dark for me to see even the colour of her panties. Stopping under a pavilion, it was a quiet evening as most people had to work the next day. There was practically no one else walking through the park, partly because it was close to 2am.

She sat demurely with her legs closed and I took the ‘ah beng’ (term to describe small time hooligan) sitting pose, with one feet on the seat. As she was in no hurry to get home, we sat there for some time talking about our lives and the urge to just touch those soft skin on her legs grew more intense. For someone who writes that well, I respected her more than others, and the silly me asked if I could feel her skin.

She replied yes with a smile and I placed my hand on her leg, caressing it in an up down motion. After a few strokes, I shifted my hand to her skirt and raised it as I advanced, to see her opened her legs for access. Upon my fingers touching her groin, a string of pearls was all that she wore. It was the same g-string that she had given away on her site, and tugging on it simply caused her to let loose a single moan.

Remembering how most of her stories went, I switched places with her so she could lie on my lap, and I could still reach her pussy. I pulled my waistband down and she bent it low enough to take it into her mouth, while my fingers rubbed her quicker. It was really exciting to be masturbating her under the moonlight, where anyone could just look out of their balcony and see us. After my dick was at its maximum length (more or less), I stopped her distracting blowjob and asked her to go to the back of pavilion, where less light would reach.

I placed her knees on the seat and she went into doggie immediately, raising her skirt herself so I could focus on the more important task. In just one try, my dick slipped right into her and she opened her mouth to breath instead of moaning. Pumping quickly, I knew time is of the essence and her wetness told me how much she wanted it too.

LindaMichelle: ‘Oh.. if you didn’t know, you can cum in me. Just like my stories.’
Me: ‘Are you sure?’
LindaMichelle: ‘Wouldn’t I know better?’

Her short hair flicked gracefully in the wind as I took her rear hard, pounding hard but landing gently. It was so erotic to be fucking so close to home. As for LindaMichelle, she was working her pelvic muscles to amplify the sensations stirring in her pussy, feeling that orgasm building like a timer on an atomic bomb.

Me: ‘Are you cumming? I can feel you getting.. ahh..

An overpowering squeeze went around my dick and I groaned dangerously loud, whispering ‘I’m cumming.. I’m cumming’ as her last act totally threw me off guard. Within seconds and one single thrust, my cum pumped into her like an over-pressurised water gun and sprayed into her pussy. While I was keeping still to lower the sensitivity, she was moving backwards on me to keep me shooting. I must say, it was one of the craziest sex I had that got so much cum out of me.

After we sat back down on the wooden seat, she took a fresh set of panties and slipped it on over her pearly strings.

LindaMichelle: ‘Just to make sure Staplerman’s creativity doesn’t go to waste.’

We picked up our bags and I flagged a cab with her, watching her legs widen for the taxi uncle to peek as she got on. Throughout the ride, I bet the driver must have noticed the flash from her camera as she took a few pictures for me through email, in various poses and even attaching a short video of her masturbating, accompanied by moans that sounded a little too loud to be discreet.

LindaMichelle (email): Thanks for your help today. It’s really exciting for me. I think I’ll have to masturbate when I get home.

What can I say? A hard on was waking in my shorts again, and we kept our conversations strictly to emails until we fell asleep to each others’ photos of our private parts oozing cream.